January 16th.  The Wind W.SW. a dark, cloudy & raw weather, but made no rain all this day–
17th.  The Wind. W. a clear, dry sun shiny day, about 6 in the evening the wind came to south, when it begun to rain, & rained all the night long this day Patrick Welsh of Dunkitt in Ireland came hither —
18th.  The Wind . S. a dark cloudy day, very dirty & raining all ye morning tollerably fair in the Evening with some showers onely, but raining again all, or most part of the night –
19th.  The Wind N.W & by W. blowing fresh, a dry sun shiny day - the Parson preached on Mat. Ch. 16th. vers. 6.th.
20th.  The Wind W. a fair sun shiny day, begun to freeze before night.
21st.  The Wind S.E. freezed pretty hard, & hoar frost a good deal upon the ground in the Evening it made some rain, and rained afterwards most part if not all the Night, pd. Robert Prŷs the Taylor is [1/- sw] for making a Breeche[presume an 's' at the end, but the end of the word is lost in the binding sw] and mending others-
22d.  The Wind N.W. very cold, dark & cloudy, made severall shower of Hail & cold sleet, this Morning, this day I executed a Lease to Patrick Welsh of Dunkitt in Ireland of my Lands in Dunkitt for 31 years at the Rent of 6l. a year – the Evening very cold, clear & dry–
23d.  The Wind N.E. & by E. cloudy & dark in the Morning. & very cold, & looked as if it would snow. the Evening clear, dry & very cold, to day I sowed the first Pease & beans in the Garden this year–
24th.  The Wind E. dark, cloudy & very cold in the morning, the Evening clear dry & very cold – made pretty hard frost before day –

25th.  St. Paul. [this is written immediately below '25th.' sw]

The Wind N.W. <in> the morning till i0 a clock. very clear calm & serene, made some showers about ii & some little wind, some rain again about i. in ye Evening, all the rest of the day very cloudy & dark at night it blew hard. Sold this day to William Mathew 12 Peggets of Coydan Barl[presume 'ey' at the end, but the end of the word is lost in the binding sw] at 15s. <6d.> a pegget to be paid at Dydd Gŵyl Fechell. returned him his Earne[presume 'st' at the end, but the end of the word is lost in the binding sw] back ­–

26th.  The Wind N.W. a dark, cloudy still day, makeing a misling rain & a Fog all the day - spend 3d. for ale –

12 ❍  [this is written in the margin immediately above '27th' sw]

27th  The Wind N.N.W. a very cloudy, dull, dark day from morning to Night nothing else remarkeable—but that I sowed some Onions, Carrots, & Spinage & other sallads today for the first time.






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