Decr. iith.  The Wind E. blowing moderate, yet very cold & attended with some sleet: pd. John ifan 3L. 3s. in hand
i2th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and freezing all day: My people were this day discharging a Coal Vessell at Cemaes, and tho the first load did not come home till near i0 a clock, yet they carryed all home ( which was ten tons by 2 a clock in the Evening·
i3th.  The Wind E. blowing very high and freezing very hard all this day — and was generally Sun shiny & clear.
i4th.  The Wind E. blowing very fresh and freezing very hard all this day and night also, in somuch as it is difficult to find water — for the Cattle .
i5th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and freezing rather more intense than the days before[: sw] My Servants are employed these 3 last days in Sledging large stones to make ^Bridges^ ditches over the ditches — in Bodelwyn meadows·
i6th.  The Wind E. and blowing very fresh and exceeding cold and freezing all this day also .
i7th.  The Wind E. blowing pretty fresh & generally Sun shiny & freezing very hard all this day also, & the Cold weather more intense than it has been any time Since the frost begun: besides the 5 Guineas Pd. Hugh Edward when he went to fetch the Coal  I paid him to day over & above 44 shillings for the freight & port Charges, & gave the meter 2s. 6d. the Duty being before Pd. by him at Beaumares where he went for the Warrant to discharge; Pd. likewise i4s. 4d. to Mr. Roberts of Bodiar being 2 year's rent for the King's lands in my hands
i8th.  The Wind E. and little of it, yet freezing and very cold raw weather and the Evening was cloudy and muddy Air.

i9th.   ● 2 [this is written vertically in the margin below 'i9th.' sw]

 The Wind S. E. very calm, cloudy and overcast, and made– a sort of Scotch Mist all the Evening with a gentle thaw,but was excessive cold all day : Pd. 2s. for mending a Gun & i7d.for Marsh ropes ·

20th.  The Wind S. E. & little of it, cloudy and dark all this day also & gently thawing and very cold all the day .
2ist.  The Wind S. calm, cloudy & dark with a gentle thaw & very cold all this day also · Paid my Sister Thirty pounds in part of a great Sum [there is a line over 'um' sw] I owe her·
22d.  The Wind S. very calm, cloudy & dark with a mizling rain all ye morning and great part of the Evening; Distributed to day 9s. among 4 poor [and ?g??t sw] people of this parish , LLanbadrig and Bodewryd.

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