November 29th.  The Wind N. blowing moderate, some intervals of Sun Shine amongst frequent showers of rain & sleet, especially in the morning;
30th.  The Wind N.W. blowing moderate &dry all this day, yet was– generally cloudy and dark: paid 2d. for herrings·
December ist.  The Wind W. N.W. blowing moderate and generally dark cloudy weather with frequent showers of rain in the morning and made some time last night very heavy rain; the Evening of this day was dry:
2d.  The Wind W. N. W. blowing fresh & cold with showers of rain & sleet morning and Evening .
3d.  The Wind E. blowing high, stormy and very cold all this day- yet made but little rain or sleet & that in the night.


5 ❍ [this is written vertically in the margin below '4th.' sw] 

The Wind E. and very little of it; some sun shine, but for the most part of it was cloudy and dark: Delivered Wm. Sion Dafydd of Bodlwyfan 5s. to pay Richd. Sion Owen of Maes Mawr for the Edge – gr[e sw]w of Gweunydd y LLan which I took of him ·

5th.  The Wind E. blowing high and stormy in the Evening and night the morning was moderate, yet all the day was extream cold. Pd. i0d2/1 for Candle wick & 7d2/1 for Stable halters &c.
6th.  The Wind E. blowing very fresh and exceeding cold weather– but generally Sun shiny all this day; Pd. David Hughes 27s– [the line is actually below the superscript 's' sw] being his sumer's [there is a curlicue above the 'm' sw] wages in full to this day when he parts from me.
7th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and very cold and generally dark- clou[n sw]dy weather all day, but did not rain nor snow.
8th.  The Wind E. blowing moderate, yet very cold, & cloudy dark weather all day, yet made no rain: My Servants all this week – were fallowing ground for Barley ·
9th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and very cold, dark & cloudy weather almost all day:
i0th.  The Wind E. blowing moderate,yet very cold,& generally cloudy & dark weather; Pd. Hugh Lodwick 40s. in full of the last sumer's [there is a cup shaped line over the 'm' sw] wages pd. also to Wm. ’Bwiliam Edward 9d. for gelding 3 pigs & 3 sows, & pd. 4d.for- fish, & gave Elsbeth Roberts is. Charity ·

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