April 18th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh, cold, but dry all day; Set out from LLysdulas about 3 in ye Evening & came to Beaumares about 6: Opened the Quarter with Mr. Lewis & staid in my Lodging the rest of the day, pd. 2s. for 2 pair of Gloves, & is. [1/- sw] for Meat & drink.
i9th.  The Wind S. W. blowing high & raining hard all the morning, with some showers in the Evening, kept the - Quarter Sessions this day also with Mr. Lewis, & staid to dine & Sup at my Lodging, where I Pd. 1s. 8d.
20th.  The Wind W. & moderate, Sun shiny & dry all day – finished the Quarter & adjourned it to LLanfechell to qualifie Mr. Robert Lewis &c the 9th. of May, Pd. in my lodging this day for meat & drink 3s. & gave 6d. to ye Cryer.
2ist.  The Wind W. and moderate, Sun shiny and dry all day,Pd. at my lodging 2s. for meat and drink.
22d.  The Wind W. moderate, Sun shiny, fair & dry all day; pd. at my lodging 1s.2/1 at dinner, & pd. 6d. for Ale in yeEvneing at the Coffee house .
23d.  The Wind W. very moderate, Sun Shiny, fair and warm generally all day; pd. at my lodging 1s. at Breakfast, pd. a bill for my Man & the horses 12s. 4d. gave the Maid 8d. pd. Wm. Wynn the Barber 1s. 6d. & pd. Robert Jones my Man 5s. to pay Wm. Wynn. Set out from Beaumares a[bout sw] ii· & was at LLysdulas before 3. To day I ^heard^ saw theCuccow first this year
24th.  The Wind S.W. very moderate, warm & fair & Some SunShine made some rain to night. To day I saw the first swallow this year.
25th.  The Wind N. E. very moderate, Sun Shiny, fair & dry all day.
26th.  The Wind S.W. cloudy & dark & raining very hard long before day till hear 10. with rain in the Evening .
27th.  The Wind W. very moderate, and generally Sun Shiny & fair; To Day Mrs. Ann Wynn. the Widdow of Mr.Robert Owen late of Penrhose was buryed at Bodewryd, & had 6 bearers who were all Priests.
28th.  The Wind S.W. & raininghard in the morning, the Evening dry fair and pleasant; the Earth looks fresh & green and very beautifull.

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