Pugh Thomas late of this parish, went from thence to my Lodging at Griffith Pritchard's house, (by some called the Young Castle, being built mostly with the Castle stones) with Mr. Lewis, his Brother Robert Lewis where some time after came Mr. Wm. LLoyd Parson of LLanelian, and and Mr. Henry Jones of LLangoed Surveyor of the Customs at Beau-mares, I treated them with 1s. 6s. [presume he means 1s. 6d. sw] in Ale, & went to bed about 12.

16th  The Wind S.E. a fair, calm warm day, kept the Morning Court, & adjourned it to be kept at the house of Richard Owen of Twrkelyn in LLanerchymedd on the 2d day of May following, gave the Cryer one [sh sw] Edward the Weaver a drunken worthless fellow 6d. pd 2s for a quart of Wine, went afterwards to Mr. Henry Jones's house, where I was treated with French Wine till night, went to bed about 8 –

17th.  The Wind S.S.W. pretty high, dark & cloudy, breakfasted at my lodging, and pd the house bill being 8s. 6d. set out from Beaumares about ii, came to Thomas Wms. house at Porthaethwy Ferry spent there 1s. pd. the boat 6d. came to Carnarvan about 2 in the Evening, pd. 3d for Ale that day. pd 10s. for a Wig, & 11s. 6d. for two pair of black stockings, pd 10d for a pint of Wine rained very 18th. [this is in the margin opposite this line sw] hard most of the Evening –
18th.  The Wind S.W. very cold, pd the Barber 6d. pd. Mr. Da.Lloyd of LLoydiart 1L. 1s. ffee for drawing my Answer to Trysclwyn's Bill, pd 1s. 3d at dinner rained very hard this night –Tinllwydan Sold to day to Th. Owen of Bod[go sw]dwydd for 560l. & Mrs. Wynn who is 55 year old to have her lif[e sw].
19th.  The Wind S.W. very cold, sharp rainy weather in the Evening very cold weather, pd 1s. 6d at Dinner, the Market in Carnarvan high the Barley from 20 to 23s a pegget, Wheat from 32 to 40s. a pegget Rye & Pilcorn from from 26 to 29s a pegget.
20th.  The Wind S.W. a dirty rainy day, almost from morning to Night, pd. at dinner 1s.6d. pd 8d for ale afterwards
21st.  The Wind S.W. very dirty wet weather most part of the day, pd 1s. 2d at Dinner –

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