May 9th.  The Wind E. blowing very fresh, sunshiny hot and scorching all day and the ground exceeding dry – and very little grass for the Cattle: pd. Owen Thomas ye Smith's Bill being 3s. 
10th. 8❍ [this is written in the margin below '10th.' sw] The Wind E. blowing high and exceeding cold in the morning and prodigious dry and scorching all day : my people are all these days fenceing betwixt the Cattle and the Corn .
iith.  The Wind E. blowing high and very cold as it is every morning and hoar frost this morning; A poor Market for Butcher's meat to day at LLanfechell . pd. 2s. for a side of Veal & the head & a Side of Lamb . Delivered to Wm. Peters 3L. 12s. to buy me Coal at Mostyn, & 5s. 6d. to buy me flower in Liverpool:
12th.  The Wind E. blowing high and very cold all the morning;The Evening much warmer with some thunder, but continues – still very dry & scorching: paid 3s. for Rabbets used last winter
13th.  The Wind E. blowing moderate and not very cold, cloudy & dark most part of the morning, yet made no rain; The Evening was very hot & scorching till 5 when it ^grew^ cloudy again, but no rain ☞ [this pointing symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw] gave a LLangwillog [Llangwyllog sw] man 2s. 6d. for the service of this Stallion to my young Grey Mare last night & this Morning:The Priest preached on Ecclesiastes Chap: 12th. vers. ist.
14th.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh, hot & scorching all day: it made some little attempt to rain about noon, but soon left off, haveing brought down onely a few drops: A very penal Law being past from Ireland [this is in the margin opposite this line sw] last Session of Parliament against running of Soap & Candles – there will soon be no soap to be had, but what comes from Chester at 7d. a pound: I bought to day of a woman in that buisness 20 pound weight almost (which I am afraid is the last I shall have of her ) for which I paid her 7s. 3d.2/1.
15th.  The Wind E. blowing high almost all day till near night, Sun shiny, hot and very scorching; ’tis very remarkable that almost every night (since the Easterly winds ) is very calm & generally dark and cloudy.
16th.  The Wind E. blowing high and very hot and scorching, about another before night it begun to make some few small showers,butmade nothing that would allay the dust: pd. Richard Jones 4s. 6d. for being here four days with his man in ^[alte sw]ring^ Makeing one Cart Wheel.

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