July the ist.  The Wind S.W. hot and Sultry & scorching withall, To Day the Parson set his Tythe in the following manner: Caerdegog Parcell set for 31L. to Wm. Bevan of CroesFechan: LLawr y LLan [there is a line half over the 'a' and half over the 'n' sw] Parcell ( exclusive of ye Parson's own Corn & hay which is Cae'r LLan [there is a wavy line half over the 'a' and half over the 'n' sw] & ye field next it adjoyning to my Cae'r Delyn;The Glebe field adjoyning to Rhôs Garrog, and the Glebe quillet on Pen Gorsedd Rŷs wch. are all fresh grounds & have in them excellent Barley, and the Tythe I'm sure is worth above 40s) set for 24L.: Parcell y Mynŷdd (containing a small great number of small houses which see in Pag.141.) set for 15s. Dygwel Tythe set for 3L.
2d. The Wind S.W. blowing fresh, hot & scorching, looked cloudy in the morning, but made no rain afterwards, the Markett at LLanerchmedd very full,& the price of Corn as high as att any time this year; pd. 4d for a Calf's head. my Servants to day are rakeing hay.
3d.  The Wind S. blowing high, with frequent showers of mizling rain in the Morning; the Evening dry & the Wind very high and hott. my Servants carry home the turf to day . it begun to rain about 9 at night & rained a good deal before day  —–
4th.  The Wind S. blowing very high & sultry with a mizling rain in the morning; the Evening dry, but very windy; my  —– servants carry home the Turf these 2 days. 
5th.  The Wind S. clear, sun-shiny and dry, but the wind high, grew something calmer before night; my people all thisday are rakeing together the hay, which is very thin, no field answering the half, and some fields not the fifth what they did other years.
6th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing fresh, & raining a mizling rain for 3 hours in the morning; the Evening was a dirty stinking fogg The Parson preached on Luke Chap 12th. ye latter part of ye first vers.he dogmatically expatiated on ye hipocricy & other vices of the Pharisees, but took care to conceal from his hearers that those which Christ charges with those vices were generally Priests  –  

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