July 7th  The Wind S.S.W. <a mizling rain> [Sun shiny and dry sw] in the morning <clear> and till 2 in the Evening when it was overcast and very cloudy,& made some drops of rain,sun shiny & clear again the rest of the day .
8th.  The Wind S.S.W. calm, sun-shiny and very warm, and continued so all day. my people all this day in the hay, and have got it all in small cocks, and most into big Cocks .I have three fields in Bodelwy[h sw] under hay, between them 8 Ma[?? sw]s, (viz) Cae Micri by David Wms. house, Cae'r Gamfa, and Cae tan dalcen y Merddyn; the last mentioned field had every other year since it is under hay 4 very big Cocks, and this year all ye hay growing on all 3 is contained in 2 very small ones that will not make betwixt them above 8 loads .
9th.  The Wind S. blowing high, but very hot and sultry, sun-shiny and clear all day . my people all this day are carrying home the Turf & peat from Cae'r Mynŷdd in 2 Carts, and 5 horses with panniers besides. Pd. Elizabeth Parry a Sempstres of this parish 2s for 12 days she was here makeing me 7 shirts,& had some assistance from my house keeper besides.
10th.  The Wind S. blowing pretty high, dark and cloudy all day, with some mizling rain morning and Evening, My people finished carrying home the The Peat & Turf and made them intostacks.
11th.  The Wind W. moderately calm, hot and Sultry & a fine sun-shine finished putting my upland hay in Big Cocks; Discharged Wm. Talant from my Service & gave him 3s. at parting . Hired Rowland Patrick for a year at 5L. he enters my service this day. 

12th. ●5 [this is in the margin below '12th.' sw] 

The Wind S.S.W. calm and dark with a mizling rain all the morning, and sometimes raining very hard – about 10 it cleared up, and was very fair the rest of the day, but windy & something cold considering the time of the year; my people this day are opening wet ditches.

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