August 23d.  The Wind N.N.E. blowing fresh, Sun shiny fair & dry, all day, but not so hot as yesterday & the 3days before: The Priest preached on Titus Chap. 2d. & the last part of the 14th. verse; Gave 6d. to a Collection for a poor man that was hurt by a Scythe, & was thereby disabled from labouring for his Maintenance.

24th.   ● 9. [this is in the margin below '24th.' sw]  

The Wind N. N. E. very calm, Sun shiny hot & Sultry all day; about 10 I went to LLanerchmedd to meet other Comissioners [there is a wavy line over the 'm' sw] to give directions to Assessors to assess the new Window tax: my poor Mother is very weak haveing rested very bad last night. I returned from LLanerchymedd abt. 7 haveing finished that buisness: where it cost me for meat & drink 2s. 3d.

25th.  The Wind variable & shifting, but calm, sunshiny & excessive hot & sultry all day, especially in the Evening; it brought down some few drops of rain abt. Sun Set: To day the Comissioners [there is a line over the 'm' sw] met the Assessors for Talybolion at Llan– - fechell & gave them the same charge & directions abt. the new window Tax as those had yesterday at LLanerchymedd: Pd. there 6d. for Ale.
26th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh at times, haveing rained very hard this morning about 2: the morning was generally cloudy, & ye Evening sunshiny very hot & Sultry: To Day I finished reaping.
27th.  The Wind S. hot & Sultry, and generally cloudy & dark in the morning the Evening Sun Shiny and fair. My people this day & somepart of yesterday were binding of Oats and barley.
28th  The Wind W. & by S. in the morning & raining a small mizling raintill noon, but not hard; The Evening Sun shiny fair and dry & the Wind settled at E. My people carryed in all the Great Oats in the morning, and carryed in Barley in the Evening : Paid 2d. for fish·
29th.  The Wind W. & by N. very moderate, cloudy & dark in the morning, about 10 it cleared up, was Sun shiny, hot and sultry the rest of the day; My peoplefinished binding what remained of my Corn at home. At Cnewchdernog there's some yet unreaped ·
30th.  The Wind W. very calm, cloudy & dark in the morning, but Sultry & warm; the Evening had a little breeze & was cooler; I thank my mercifull God, My Moth - er is better now than she has been. Dr. Fran. LLoyd haveing prescribed her Hiera Pi[e sw]era [Hiera Piera is white cinnamon, althought he words could be 'Hiera Picra', which is aloes and canella – canella is also white cinnnamon – bark and is also a medicine sw] to [? sw] body. & to take 20 drops of Spirit of harts horn [an aqueous solution of ammonia sw] an hour after eating her dinner, which had very good effects upon her.
31st.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh & generally cloudy & dark & very like rain yet continued dry all day: To Day I get in my harvest at home,being but small, as containing about 480 shocks of Barley, 240 shocks of Great Oats, 100 shocks of Small Oats. & 55 shocks of Rye, besides a large Shock of pease
Septr. 1st.  The Wind W. & by S. in the morning, calm dark & cloudy with a pretty heavy mizling rain all the morning which brought the Wind to N. W: The Evening Sunshiny fair and dry: My people are gathering Rushes to Thatch the Corn and Hay, & carrying it home.

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