August 12th.  The Wind E.N.E. very calm, Sun shiny hot & Sultry all day: finished to carry home my Coal, which I would have done in one day had it not been for the tricks of Humphrey Mostyn, and his Son in law Wm. Peters.
13th.  The Wind E & by N. blowing fresh, hot & scorching all day.but a – great deal of dew this morning on the ground: To Day my people begun to reap.
14th.  The Wind E. in the morning, calm Sun Shiny & hot, begun to be a little overcast in the Evening when the Wind came to W. & by S. but still – clear & hot: LLanerchymedd Fair to-day proved but indifferent, & very little asking: Paid Humphrey Mostyn 5pounds 6 shillings & 2 pence for 7 Tons of Coal, being at the rate of 15 shillings & 2 pence a Ton. Pd. Wm. Peters 4s. 5d. for Mops & Brushes he bought for me in Liverpool.
15th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy &dark, about ii it begun to rain, and rained a light rain from that time till 4 in the Evening, & very heavy rain about 6 for near an hour: My people are reaping att Cae'r LLorriau these 3 last days.
16th.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing high and stormy with some rain in the Morning, but light till 5 in the Evening when it rained very heavy till night when the wind was allayed. gave my Son 3 Guineas who set out to day for Bala Session[s sw]
17th.  The Wind S.W. & moderate with a mizling rain in the morning; The Evening Sun Shiny & fair, but drying but little. Signed Warrants to day to the high Constables to Sumons [there is a line over the 'm' sw] Assessors to meet this day Senight at LLanerchmedd for the hundred of Twrkelyn & LLivon, & the next day at LLanfechell for Talybolion to give such Assessors their charge in relationto the New Tax laid on Windows & lights.
18th.  The Wind S. W. & moderate, cloudy dark weather with a mizling rain in the morning, the Evening dry till 6 when it brought down a great shower of rain.
19th.  The Wind W. in the morning, a great dew, yet Sun Shiny dry & fair all day ; finished to day Reaping all my Oats & the greatest part of my Barley, yet I bound no Corn at all except my Rye Pinfold at Coydan.
20th.  The Wind S. W. & moderate, generally Sun shiny,fair & warm till 4 in ye Evening, then it grew cloudy & overcast, but made no rain: My people to day are binding the Barley at Cae'r LLorriau in Coydan, which made something above 240 shocks
21st.  The Wind S. blowing high, Sun shiny & very hot & Sultry; the Wind being- really hot as comeing from an Oven; My people are carrying the Rye to Coydan Barn being 55 Shocks: And others of them are reaping Pease at Cefn y Groes: Pd. the Excise Officer 15s. being my Composition for Malt.
22d.  The Wind S.E. what there was of it, very calm Sunshiny & hot all day. My- people carryed in all the Barley & Oats at Coydan to Coydan Barn to day : My Dear Mother is very unwell this day & yesterday, haveing no good rest at nights, loss of Appetite & seems to be feverish at times : May the Good God help & relieve her!

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