November 8th.  The Wind variable all day, but very cold & wet, haveing freezed last night, & rained a cold— Sleet this Morning, went with Coz Morgan out with our Guns, walked a great deal, but shot no Birds, spent the Evening as before.
9th.  The Wind N.W. very cold & raw weather, attended with hail & rain frequently all day, spent this day likewise in the Same manner.
10th.  The Wind N.N.W. very cold with frequent showers of rain & hail, gave 3s. among the Servants at Henblas, & set out for home about 12 & was at home before night.
11th.  The Wind N.E. very cold, raw weather, but made no rain to day, the Parson preached a trifeling, unedifying, confused discourse or Sermon on 1. Tim. Chap. 6th. & ye last part of the 17th. vers. 
12th.  The Wind S.S.E. cold raw weather, but continued dry all day, my Servants are fallowing for Barley, & others of them are scattering Sand on Rhôs y ferem.
13th.  The Wind S. raining long before day, & vere frequently during the day, & almost all night without intermission.
14th.  The Wind S. cold & raw weather, but made no rain all this day.
15th.  The Wind E. S. E. cold & dry, with some frost this Morning– a very great fair to day at LLanfechell for Cattle, & a great many Sold. pd. 2d for 10 Turnips for planting to seed.
16th.  The Wind S. cold & raw, but made no rain till night, when it rained very hard.
17th.  The Wind S.W. very calm, close weather, with some showers of rain, my people still at the Same work of fallowing for Barley at Ferem . gave 6d. to Tho. Jones's Ale.

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