November 30th.  The <Wind> Varying all this day likewise, but was a clear, Sun Shiny fair day from first to last & warm withall, a very poor Markett for flesh at LLanfechell, considering the time of the year.
December 1st.  The Wind E N.E. clear, fair & dry all day, my people all this week are fallowing for Barley at Ferem .
2d.  The Wind N.E. very clear, fair & Serene, haveing freez'd very hard last night, & great hoar frost withall. 
3d.  The Wind E. in the Morning, clear & fair, came before night to S.E. & settled at last in the S. grew excessive cold, and rained very hard, as it did last night likewise.

4th.   4❍ [this is written in the margin below '4th.' sw] 

The Wind N.E. calm, & dark weather, and raining a mizling, dirty rain all day, my people at the same work still of plowing or fallowing for Barley at Ferem.

5th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing high ,and raining long before day and continued to rain very hard & to blow a rank storm of wind all day,— pd. 7s. for 6 pair of Mucking Panniers–

[the rest of this entry is written across the margin and the main part of the page sw] 

The following receipt for ye cure of the Bite of a Mad Dog, was communicated by a Gentleman, who assures us, that for 16 years past it has not failed in ye Cure of any one person ,out of many that have taken it. [this seems to be from the first issue of The Scots Magazine, published in 1739 sw] Take 24 Grains of Native Cinnabar [mercury sulphide sw], 24 Grains of factitious [artificial sw] Cinnabar, & 10 Grains [The Scots Magazine transcription at gives 'sixteen grains', but this might be a transcription mistake on their part sw] of ye finest Musk; reduce each of these separately, to an exceeding fine powder; then mix them well together in a glass of Rum, Arrack [a distilled alcoholic drink from South and South-east Asia sw] or Brandy, & drink it off, all at one Dose, as soon as possible ye can after you are bit; & take a second Dose 30 days after ye first, ——  But suppose you should happen to be bit by a Dog, & should  neglect takeing any remedy – soon after ye Bite, upon a Supposition the ye Dog was not Mad: in such a case as soon as any Symptoms of madness appears in ye person by that neglect, they must take a Dose as soon as possible they can after those Symptoms appear, & instead of taking a second Dose 30 days after ye first, as in ye other case mentioned above, ye second dose must be given 3 hours after ye first, which, by throwing ye Patient into a profound Sleep and a strong perspiration, will thoroughly cure ye bite of any mad Animal, tho ye Distemper was in ye very last stage. 

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