December 6th.  The Wind S.W. Windy & cold, but made very little rain this day. but rained prodigiously from 2 in ye Morning to 6.
7th.  The Wind S.W. cold and raw, but continued dry all day, but from 4 in the Evening till 8 in the Morning next day, it rained and blew excessive hard without intermission; a very poor Market for flesh to day at LLanfechell . 
8th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh, and very dark cloudy weather but made no rain all this day, but made a great shower about 8 at night: My people all this week (when the weather served) plowed or fallowed fresh ground for Barley, finished to day — fallowing Rhôs Garrog being fresh ground,(some of it being ii or 12 years old) and begun to fallow the field behind Ferem house, that being likewise ii or 12 year old. pd. Richd. LLoyd 1s. 6d. in part for work, over & above his Rent.
9th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh & very cold, but continued without raining till 3 in the Evening from which time till past 5 it rained excessive hard accompanyed with Thunder and Lightning.
10th.  The Wind E. in ye Morning & settled in ye W.before night ,it begun to rain long before day, and continued without hardly any intermission till almost night, pd. 1d. for thread & 1s. to - Thomas ap Wm. ap Thomas LLoyd of Sgubor Ddymchw[e sw] [Nesta Evans gives 'Ddymchwi' sw] for mending my Cloaths. 
11th.  The Wind W. dry and fair till 2 in ye Evening when it made a great shower of cold Sleet, afterwards it cleared up and was fair again .pd. Wm. Hughes Trê'r ddôl by his Servant John Pritchard the Son of Richard Jones of LLandrygarn 21s. being 1s. over & above ye Interest due on Price's Bond Sepr. last.
12th.  The Wind S.W. very cold with some showers of rain in ye Morning, the Evening was altogether rainy & blowing high & cold.
13th.  The Wind W. calm & fair in a manner all day & all night.
14th.  The Wind W. very calm warm weather, Sun-shiny & dry all day, a pretty good Markett to day at LLanfechell for Butcher's meat.

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