March 25th. 1748  The Wind S. moderate in the morn- -ing, & blowing fresh in the Evening; All the day was hazy & dark, & sometimes with a mizling rain, about 10 at night it rained pretty hard: pd. 1d. for Clary Seeds.
26th.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark generally— all day, yet made no rain till 5 in the Evening when it blew a very high wind and all the night was stormy with a driveing rain; My people these 2 last days were scattering Mole hills & the Dung of Cattle upon Grass and hay fields.
27th.  The Wind W S. blowing fresh and raining almost all day,& some– times very hard, as from 8 to past 9 in the morning, & from4 in the Evening till 7. The Priest preached on i. Cor: Chap. iith. & part of the 17th. vers.
28th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, Sun shiny fair & dry ing well all day, my people all this day ( instead of plowing for Barley ) were takeing out the Timber I bought for that accursed Mill, & carrying the Mill Shaft to the Mill which was all their work this day, except carrying the rest of them up the bank from the reach of the Sea: Pd. 3d. for Ale at Cemaes, & pd. i8s. for the Sea Carriage of those timber, So that I have laid out already 7 pounds 9 shillings— without a stick of them being put in its work, & out of 2 years rent, being 23 pounds I received onely 6 pounds 10 shillings.
29th.  The Wind Variable from E. in the morning to S. & Afterwards to N. Sun Shiny fair, dry & pleasant & moderately warm all day.
30th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh and very cold, dark & cloudy almost all day, made some little rain about 8 in the morning, but soon over.
31st.  The Wind E. blowing fresh, cloudy and dark generally, and very cold all day, made some little rain in the morning, but soon over: To Day I begin to sow Barley. Pd. Gabriel Jones 16 pence for a Handkerchief for Ann Wright.
April ist.  The Wind E. bl owing fresh & very cold, especially in ye morning when it made some little rain , but soon was over, this day was– Sun shiny almost altogether : Pd. 8d. for a pair of Stockins & Garters for Ann Wright.
2d.  ❍4  [this is written in the margin below '2d.' sw] The Wind N.E. calm, sun shiny. fair & warm in the Sun,tho the Air was cold; I am these days pruneing my wall Pear Trees, as hopeing that a late pruneing may Check their top great Luxuriancy: My people every day Since they begun are Sowing Barley.

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