April 17th.  The Wind E. very cold and scorching, staid in bed till night, and when I got up, was plaguy sick, took a turn for 2 or 3 hours into Town, and went to bed afterwards about 9, where I slept very well till 7 the next morning.
18th.  The Wind E. a mighty cold day, and terribly scorching – gave Abr. Jones 3s. to discharge his reckoning, pd. for my Horses, Coffee & some Ale.6s.6d. set out from Town about ii – pd. 1d.2/1 for Ale at Bwlch Gwyn, and was at home by 4 in the Evening.
19th. I● [this is written vertically immediately below '19th.'; the figure is a capital 'i' not a line or an 'l' sw] The Wind E.S.E. very calm, warm, fair and pleasant begun to rain gently about 1 in the Evening, and made a fine,, warm, dewy rain which continued till 4 in the Evening, the rest of the day calm dark & cloudy –planted a bed of Sage in the Orchard, both Red, and Green –
20th.  The Wind E.S.E. very calm & warm, with a fine dewy rain in the morning. my people all this week hitherto — sowing Barley at Cnewchdernog . saw this morning a flight of Fieldfares in the lower Garden, 20 or more in number, which I take notice of, because it_is the received oppinion that they are Birds of Passage, and never stay here in breeding time,:
21st.  The Wind S.S.E. calm, dark & cloudy in the morning, and begun to rain about 8. & made severall showers afterwards before night, finished sowing of Barley to day at Cnewchdernog went to day to LLanfachreth to have Appraisers sworn to appr[aise sw] the Goods & Chattels of John Parry late of Tan [there is a mark above the 'an' of 'Tan' but unclear whether it is a ^ over the 'a' or a line over the 'n' sw] yr Âllt in ye parish of LLanvachreth deceased, my self and Mr. John Evans of Bwllen being the onely Judgment Creditors, tho both our principall debt was but 11L. we were forced to take out Joint Administrations in order to recover that small sum [there is a line above the 'm' sw] which by Law proceedings had come to near 20L. we had 2 appraisers sworn.(viz ) Hugh Owen

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