and the generallity of them 10 Ounces, besides half a Peck of Gercins or Small Cucumbers, as I did likewise this day Senight near a Peck of Gercins & 45 Large Cucumbers.
August 9● [this is written in the margin, directly below ' August' sw] The Wind N.E. in the Morning clear & fair warm weather, but was overcast & cloudy about 9 when the moon changed, and an Ecclips of the Sun Invis – cleared up afterwards, & was as often overcast & cloudy but made no rain, Earthed some Sellery for Bleaching to day .
26th.  The Wind E. in the Morning, fair & clear, about 8 it came to the S. became dark & cloudy. and made a brisk — Shower, but was soon over, the rest of the day fair & pleasant & the Wind Settled in the N.pd. 3d for Ale
27th.  The Wind N.E. a very thick fogg all last nigh & till 9 this Morning before it was removed, and very still and calm, all the rest of the day fair warm & pleasant. my people to day employed, some in Shooing the Horses for Sand Carrying, others, in fenceing Cae'r Gamfa in Bodelwyn being Barley Stuble, by way of a Pinfold for the Cattle till Allsts. to muck it.
28th.  The Wind S.S W. calm & cloudy, and a great Mist in the Morning, as it was all last Night, about 4 in the Evening it begun to rain a Mizling soft rain, & continued so all or most part of the Night. my people still at the same work.
29th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh, clear and fair, about 3 in the Evening I sett out for LLysdulas in my way to the Sessions being obliedged to go there to tender the Rest of the money (that I am to pay Row. Wms. & the Rest of the Gang on acct. of Mrs. Hampton's Will ) to court in case they should not agree about the dividing them. that Hypocriticall Pharisee. Row. Wms. insisting upon my paying Interest for them, when all ye rest are willing to excuse it.  

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