August 19th.  The Wind W. S.W, blowing high, & in the Evening almost a Storm, but made little or no rain tho it was dark & cloudy, carryed home this day all my Barley & great Oats upon Brynddu & Bodelwyn being about 24 score. or 400 at 6 score to the hundred.
20th.  The Wind S.W. calm and warm with some little rain in the Morning. I have 13 people to day at Cnewchdernog reaping the Rye, Muncorn and Oats there.
21st.  The Wind  N.E.  warm calm & pleasant weather I have some people finishing at Cnewchdernog others binding the Small Oats att Coydan —–
22d.  The Wind E.N.E very calm, dark & cloudy all Day made Severall showers in the Evening, some very heavy [don't know if there is a full stop, as the end of the sentence is lost in the binding sw] The Parson preached on Ecclesiastes Chap 11th. vers 9.
23d. The Wind E. calm, Sun shiny and Warm, having an hour's work of reaping to day I finished it, and had all my corn at home, & Coydan, & Bodelwyn Carryed in, being 27 scores of Barley, 17 score of great Oats. 5 score & 2 shocks of small Oats. 31 shocks of Rye, & 2i of Wheat.
24th.  The Wind E. blowing_fresh, fair & clear, my people to day carrying in the Corn at Cnewchdernog, reaped all there Since last Saturday; haveing there 45 Shocks betwixt Rye & Muncorn, & 5 score shocks of small Oats.☞ [this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw] which makes and End of My Corn Harvest, praised be God Almighty who gave seasonable weather for ripening the Corn, and Health to the Inhabitants of this Island to get it in: Cut this day 65 Large Cucumbers, some of them weighing 15 Ounces 2/1 severall of them 13 Ounces, and

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