June 18th.  The Wind N. W. very calm and warm, cloudy and overcast all the morning, but the Evening Sun Shiny clear and hot: Pd. Thomas Bryan by his Man Robert 2 pounds 2 shillings in part of his Bill of 4L. i5s.
19th.  The Wind N W. very calm, warm and sultry all day, cloudy & dark in the morning & untill 3 in the Evening, Sun Shiny & hot the rest of the day; The Priest preached on Mat. Chap. 16th. vers 6th.
20th.  The Wind N. very calm, Sultry and warm all day, All the morning was cloudy and dark the Evening Sun Shiny and fair, Delivered Gabriel Jones 4s. to buy me a Garden spade in Chester Fair, & Delivered Cousin Grace Mostyn 1L. 1s. to b^u^y something to make Gowns for Ann Wright . & 6d. to buy Arsenick for ye Norway Rats.
2ist.  The Wind N. very calm, Sun shiny, hot & sultry all day, Pd. Hugh Prŷs 5s. for Pumps for my self & a pair of Shooes for Ann Wright. & delivered Gabriel Jones 1s. 6d. to buy me at Chester 2 pounds of Capers: Paid Richard Roberts of Cerrig Mân, the Mason 9s. 6d. for 14 days work, haveing finished to day my Well & the Reservoir below it, and also built me a house to turn in my Geese at nights, and a Room above it for Cocks & hens to lodge & lay.
22d.  The Wind N. & by E. very calm in the morning with a great fog, but cleared up about 9 and was Sun shiny & fair all the rest of the day, but it blew fresh in the Evening.
23d.  The Wind N. E. calm, hot and Sultry all day, but a great fog in the morning till 9, the rest of the day Sun shiny and fair; To Day I begun to Mow my hay.
24th.  The Wind N. E. very calm all the morning, a little breeze in the Evening and all the day Sun shiny hot and Sultry: My mowers every one absented themselves from their work under ye pretence of its being sinfull to work upon this day, tho in the harvest; Such mischief has Enthusiastick Priests wrought with [the sw]ir – Superstitions!
25th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and very hot & Sultry all day, [above 'all' is the word 'Suns' but it does not seem to be an insertion sw] yet a good deal of dew this morning on the ground; 
26th.  The Wind E. calm, Sun Shiny and very hot & Sultry all day, &nothing besides remarkeable.
27th.  The Wind E. in the morning, very calm & Sun Shiny clear Sky, & excessive hot & Sultry, about 3 in the Evening it gathered thick clouds & thundered & Lightened from that time 9 at night with frequent showers of rain, & Severall of them very heavy.

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