August 20th.  The Wind W. Sharp & cold in the Morning, & cloudy withall Some of my Servants plowing of Gadlas Newydd Pinfold the second time others opening of Ditches by the high way of Brynclynnu, No quantity of my Corn being ripe, I was forced to desist for this week to reap. About 9 I set out to Llannerchymedd to Joyn Mr. Lloyd of Lloydiarth in hearing an Information exhibited by the Custom house Officers of Holy–head against persons there for running prohibited goods —called at Llwydiart, & so came to LLanerchymedd by 12, being then very fair & pleasant weather, we sat upon the Information, and the offenders not appearing to make a title to ye Goods so Seized, we condemned them forfeited, whereas had they appeared (the Custom house Officers being so lame in their proofs) [WB's brackets actually extend down into the next line to enclose 'have been … less Corn' as well sw] the goods would have been returned to them again. there being less Corn in ye Market to day than usuall, it was Something higher that last Wednesday, staid there till past 8. & was at home by half an hour past 10. the Night being Very light and fair. pd. 3d. for Lobsters.
21st.  The Wind S.W. blowing high in the Morning, begun to rain long before day, & continued a driveing rain till 9 when it left off raining, still dark & cloudy, My Servants at the same work as yesterday - the rest of the <day> continued dry, but windy& dark-


∣10 ❍ [this is written in the margin immediately below '22d.' sw]

The Wind S.W. blowing pretty fresh, dark & cloudy in ye Morning with some rain betwixt 7 and 8 clock, but from 8 to the time I went to bed which was betwixt 8 & 9, it rained very hard continually – except an Intermission of half an hour abt. 5. blew very hard from 5 to 9. The market at Llanvechell very small to day —

23d. The Wind W.S.W a dry, clear & fair day, & the Wind high, reaped and bound the Rye at Cadlas newydd ( half the field being under Rye) which made 36 shocks, a little above half what it used to make, bound some Barley in the Park.
24th.  The Wind W.N.W. early in the Morning, came afterwards to N.N.W. begun to rain long before day, & rained very hard without intermission till past 9. then clear, fair & Sunshine, a pretty great congregation at LLanfechell. The Parson preached on Mat : Chap. 16th. vers. 26. a dry insipid discourse after the Canting manner among ye Papists 200 years ago. the Sky thickened again with clouds before Night.
25th.  The Wind. S. raining long before day till 9, then cleared up, drove the people of from reaping in the morning, my own servants reaped after the rain to day Owen Warmingham gelded the Roan horse, being 3 years old.

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