August 26th.  The Wind S.W. in the Morning, settled in ye West in ye Evening a very high Wind all day, dry & fair, had 17 reapers cutting great Oats­–
27th.  The Wind S.W. calm & warm most part of the day, rained hard from 7 to 11 then fair, rained again about 4, the rest of the Evening clear & fair, I had 17 reapers to day reaping barley, the Market at LLanerchymedd much the same as last week, a great quantity of Herrings in that Market 7 or 8 a penny, some taken in these parts —
28.  The Wind S.W. dark & cloudy, rained very hard before day. the harvest very back- -ward in these parts, no one in this parish haveing got together one sheave of Corn, and John Davis of LLang[w sw]yfan ( who was here yesterday ) Said he had not made a sheave; tho last year & severall years before he had made 5 or 600 shocks of barley before the latter End of July - about 10 it rained again, and continued to rain very hard till 4 in the Evening when it abated something,tho from yt time till night it was little better than raining, rained hard again in ye Night. reaped small Oats all this day - haveing 13 reapers –agreed with Row. Michael of H-head to carry me, 8 tuns of coal for 4s 6d a tun, I to pay the port Charges
29th.  The Wind W. and W.S.W, and very little of it to dry the Corn wetted yesterday. I have but 11 reapers to day at Cefn y Groes, reaping Great Oats, & Vetches. an Ordinary Market at LLanvechell, there being but 2 Muttons in it.
30th  The Wind W. a fair, clear & dry day, the Wind blowing fresh, reaping Wheat & barley all this day- 12 reapers-
31st.  The Wind W. & S.W. calm, clear and pleasant in the Morning, at Noon the Wind ris, and blew a storm all the Evening, & the sky overcast & like to rain
Septr. ist.  The Wind S. & S.S.W. very still & calm, and raining thick, dirty mizling rain all the Morning. and little better than raining all the Day. My people begun in the Morning to reap the barley in Cae Tŷ yn y LLwyn, when the rain increased, they reaped the pease till night. Mr. Lloyd Rhosbeirio carried & made Barley at Cemaes thro all the rain - about 8 at night it rained excessive hard for a long time.
2d.  The Wind S. & S.S.W. a dark cloudy day, & withal close, foggy & Sultry. reaped the Oats to day at Cnwchdernog, have a vast deal of Corn reaped, & very little bound most of the Corn in these parts in a sad condition, pd Robert Prŷs the Taylor 3s. for making Christian a Rideing Coat, 2 wastcoats, 2 breeches, and a Coat.
3d.  The Wind N.E. in the Morning very calm & raining very hard long before day till near 7 in ye Morning when the wind came to N.W. still continuing very calm, close weather & cloudy, & the Air moist & sultry, my people to day sifting & raising up the Corn on fresh stubble in order to dry it, the Evening fair, clear & Sun shine, pd. 6d for ale.
4th.  The Wind S. a very great dew this Morning & little wind, I have 14 people binding of Corn, some of it not at all dry. pd 3d for ale

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