August 12th.  The Wind W.S.W. pretty high, & very hot & Sultry, Mett Early to day, & went to work to Examine till 2 in ye Evening, when they went to Dinner, we dined at Widdow Owens. had A good piece of Roast Beef for Dinner with other things, Drank a bottle or 2 of Wine after Dinner, <rained a great shower about 3 with thunder –>& went to it again, & continued till 9. then adjourned, it was past ii when I went to bed –
13th.  The Wind W. & W.S.W. blowing fresh, but very Sultry, abundance of new Corn to day in the Market, which was much Lower than the last. proceeded to examine early this Morning, & ended about ii, & then adjourned to Monday next at Beaumares where Lewis Trysclwyn wants to have some examined. Dined this Day at Mrs. Owens after which we sat 2 or 3 hours & pd. the Severall Bills of Charges at this Comission [there is a line over the 'm' sw] Jointly betwixt Mr. Row. Wms. & my Self, pd. George Warmingham [WB's servant sw] 1s. for goeing to Brynddu. Pd. Mr. Wm. Evans one Guinea for Row Wms. [He sw]  Refused to take any thing from [us sw] pd Mrs. Owen's Bill 1L. 9s. 6d. pd 2s. 8d. for 16 pound of fresh Beef at 2 pence per pd. pd. David Wms. the Attorney 2 Guineas. pd Mr. Da. LLoyd for Drawing ye Interrogation ten shillings & sixpence. haveing thus cleared every thing in the house, it was late when I set out from LLannerchmedd, but I arrived at home Before 10 [there is a mark after '10', not sure if it means anything sw] a clock -
14th.  The Wind S. & S S. W. begun to rain long before day, & rained with very little intermission till 3 in the Evening, was very detrimentall to LLanerchmedd Fair, yet there was a good deal bought there, but at low rates, from 6L. 10s. to 9 or 10L. a pair, yearling heifers from 22s to 28s a piece, spent 1d.2/1 for ale - the Fair at Newborough ye Monday before, much better rates, & more bought. to day I begun to reap. my Servt. will have every thing begun on a Thursday [see 30.3.34: "which day My Superstitious Servant Wm. Davies – believes to be lucky to begin every work of Moment" sw]
15th.  The Wind W.N.W, dark & cloudy in the Morning, about 9 it cleared up & was very hot & Sultry, cooled again in the Evening with a troubled sky. & cloudy My Servants thatch the hay at home, a pretty good Flesh Market to day at LLanfechell. bought of Rich Owen a quarter of Mutton for 1[4 sw]d
THIS ENTRY IS ON A SEPARATE SCRAP OF PAPER WHICH HAS BEEN STUCK INTO THE DIARY AT JULY 1735, EVEN THOUGH THE SCRAP IS DATED SATURDAY 16.8.35. I'VE INCLUDED THE SAME ENTRY IN THE SPREADSHEET FOR WHERE IT OCCURS PHYSICALLY IN THE DIARY AS WELL. N.B. THE DATE 16.8.35 WOULD HAVE BEEN A SATURDAY, SO WB HASN'T WRITTEN THE WRONG MONTH BY MISTAKE.. Sat. Morn: August 16th. 1735. a terrible frightfull dream, of thick Collums of Smoak with some small sparklings of fire in ye Chimney & west Window of the Stable l[o sw]ft. & W.D. [William Davies, WB'S head servant sw] carrying a Water Engine (had I supp[ose sw]d at Bodewryd)to ye Top of the Hill which discharged a great quantity of water on ye [? sw]l[? sw] af[? sw]d wch. greatly diminished it. but the fright awoke me before I could see the End – [saw sw] afterwards some of the house Chimneys in ye Same manner, ye Parlour Chimney I am [Sure sw] of [was sw] one
16th.  The Wind S.S.W. Dark & cloudy in ye Morning till i0, then cleared up. the wind pretty high, my Servants still thatch the hay- over cast & dark again before night.
17th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing fresh, & cold in the Morning, & dark & cloudy withall about Noon it blew a meer Storm, & continued so all the Evening & all the Night _ but made no rain, a thin Congregation at Llanvechell, by reason of LLanfairynghornwy wakes -
18th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing high, rained very hard in the Morning, fair & dry again till noon, but all ye Evening in a Ma[nner sw] high Winds with a Mizling rain & fog. Some of my servants employed in clearing the barn of Coydan, & thatching the hay there, others clearing the hay yard at Brynclynnu, & carrying the rotten straw, hay &c to ye middle of the field below the Cow-house–
19th.  The Wind W. a calm, fine clear Morning, & warm all day with a - moderate heat, my Servants being head heavy after LLanfair wakes did very little yesterday besides idleing, to day they finish what they begun yesterday bough a Perwig of one Lloyd of [Llaner sw]chymedd for 4s

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