for the Welsh shore, and to turn back to Dublin, where we arrived abt April 4th. & 5th [this is written in the margin, pointing at this line and the one that is in April 5th's entry, opposite the line starting 'had eat' sw] 8 in the Evening
April 5  being Easter Eve, gave the Master 5s for what I had eat & drunk aboard. gave the Men one Shilling –came ashore and took lodgings on George's key, entertained the Master of the Packet boat at Supper together with Mr. Hugh Hughes of Rhoscolyn who is an Excise Officer at Wicklow for which I paid 4s.
6th.  The Wind N.E. & very cold, dined to day at Mr. Wm. Parry, came to my Lodging at 8 drank some hot Punch & went to bed, haveing got a severe cold on board that Leaky crazy Vessell.
7th.  The Wind E. blowing high and very cold, walked with Mr. Wm. Parry to the Phœnix Park. saw the first Swallow this year by the Phœnix which is the Ruins of a Pallace in the Sd. Park that was in the last Century built by Henry Cromwell the late Protector's Son, on the Ruins of which they have now marked out a place for the building of an Arsenall. dined With Mr. Wm. Parry, & came to my lodgings [not sure if there's a letter here, or just a smudge sw] at 9.
8th.  The Wind E.S.E. & blowing hard & raining in the Morning, could not Stir out of my Lodging, pd. for Ale & punch this day 2s. rained all the Evening and most part of the Night.
9th.  The Wind S.E. dull & cloudy, pd. the barber 6d for shaveing me, went to day to the Corn Market at Thomas Street, never saw poorer Wheat & Barley, the barley especially, very good White Oats that they asked for 7d a Stone, for the barley 8d. dined with Mr. Wm. Parry, in whose Office to day I saw Mr. Edward Rowlands of Plâs Gwŷn in this County who belongs to the Auditor's Office, was invited by him to dinner the next day, in the Evening I went with Mr. Wm Parry to take a mug in Temple bar where I spent 3d. went to bed about 10.
10th.  The Wind S.E. raining very hard all the Morning, as it did most part of the Night, about 5 this Morning I was allarmed with a knocking at my Chamber door, that the Packet boat was Just going off, which was something surprizeing, because I had been assured the night before she would not go till fryday, No d<el>ay being to be made in the matter I was forced to get up, pack up my things in a hurry & to go aboard where I arrived about 9.

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