April 28th.  The Wind E. blowing high, very cold & scorching cloudy and dark weather all day, Made some very little rain like dew about 4 in the Evening, but so little that it was– hardly perceptible: The Priest preached on Exod: Chap 20th. verse 7th.
29th. 10❍ [this is written vertically in the margin under '29th.' sw] The Wind E. blowing fresh and generally Sun shiny most part of the day, and consequently [there is a dot above the 'e', which could make it an 'i', but I think it's a blot sw] scorching very much: and tho we had in these parts plenty of rain all the spring long yet the grass grows but very leasurly:
30th.  The Wind W. in the morning, came to S. before noon, blowing very moderate, warm and pleasant with some small showers of rain, To Day I finished plowing for. and Sowing Barley for this year 
May ist.  The Wind S. blowing fresh and raining pretty hard all the morn- –ing and till 10 a clock. the Evening dry but very windy dark and cloudy : pd. Owen Daeliwr is. [1/- sw] for mending my cloaths.
2d.  The Wind S. blowing fresh all day and generally cloudy and dark, made severall small showers in the morning, but at the fall of night it rained very hard·
3d.  The Wind S. blowing very high and cold all day, yet generally dry and Sun shiny: Allowed William Owen the Miller 30 shillings – to open the Ditch from the middle of Clegyrog ucha Turbary to LLyn y Gors Rydd, in such a manner as may effectually carry off the water from the Said Turbary to the Pond aforesaid.
4th.  The Wind W. & W. & by N. blowing high and exceeding cold all day– and generally cloudy and dark, about 8 in the Evening it made a - heavy shower of Sleet, but the high wind was not in the least allayed: My people, the rest of this week after they had done sowing Barley, were fenceing betwixt the Corn & the grass grounds.
5th.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing very high & stormy attended with very cold rain in the morning about 6, the rest of the day was dry, but very cold & generally cloudy & dark.
6th.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing fresh and very cold all day , but it was dry, and generally Sun Shiny.
7th.  The Wind W. & by N. and blowing moderate; yet very cold all day- and a great hoar frost this morning; this day likewise was dry- and generally Sun Shiny .

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