October 7th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh all the morning, cloudy dark & misty weather but drying well till near ii when it began to rain when I was oblieg'd to leave off carrying my Barley ( haveing carryed in the Wheat before 9 a clock being 39 Shocks ) it continuing to rain incessantly– more or less till past 3 in the Evening.
8th.  The Wind S. W. calm, sun shiny, fair and warm all this day; but the Corn was so wetted by yesterday's rain, that nothing was done to it to day, besides stubling of it : Pd. John Randle LLanerchmedd Carrier i5d. for Carrying Sugar from Chester·
9th.  The Wind S.W. blowing very high & stormy all day : Carryed in to day all the barley I had bound, and the pease, Just before the rain which begun about i a clock & continued till 4 which – brought the wind to W. where it blew very fresh all night and dryed well.
i0th.  The Wind W. blowing very fresh and very cold all day; & for the most part sun shiny; finished to day binding all the White Oats
iith.  The Wind N. E. blowing fresh & very cold, some sunshine & dry all day; To day I carryed in the last of my Corn & finish'd my harvest, Which lasted 44 days, haveing 449 shocks of Barley 200 shocks of White Oats, i22 shocks of black Oats, i48 shocks of small Oats, 39 shocks of Wheat, & 32 shocks of Rye: N.B. ye hundred reckoned here is 5 score: Paid Andrew Mc. Harrow 4L. i4s.6d. for Cloath one piece for Anna Wright at 2s. 3d. & other for my Self at 3s. 6d. Pd. him also 2s. 6d. for Long Lawn for Anna Wright: gave 2s. Charity to poor Mariners cast away on the Rocks of Monachty the9th. Inst· 4 of which crew were drown'd & the Ship staved to pieces; it was laden with Sugar, Cotton, Ginger & Some Elephant's Teeth; it belonged to one Williamson of Liverpool, & came from Jamaica.
i2th.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh & very cold, haveing made severall showers of hail about 6 in the morning, but the rest of the day was dry & for the most part Sun Shiny: A very thin congregation in LLanfechell Church to day occasioned by most part of this Side of the Countrey being gone to pilfer what they could get of the wreck near Monachty when it was said there were Severall Thousands of people ·

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