May 2d.  The Wind <N> in the Morning, came to S.W. before noon, it freezed hard last night, the frost was half an Inch thick upon the water this morning, and a hoar frost as thick as it covered the Earth like snow; all day it was moderately calm, & the Sun shone very hott from 9 till 5 or 6 in the Evening; A very poor flesh Markett at LLanfechell, & the Corn sold very dear there, a woman sold there a Cibbin of Barley for 18d.
3d.  The Wind N. dark and cloudy & very cold in the morning and untill 10. the rest of the day sun-shiny & fair, & hot where it was sheltered from the N. my people are now plowing ye Pinfold at Coydan.
4th.  The Wind N. & by W. haveing made some refreshing showers of rain before day, & one good shower about 5 in the Morning: about 9 the wind blew high and grew extream cold, and continued so all the Evening and night; about 9 at night it made a great shower of hail, & blowing a great storm at the Same time : The Parson preached a piece of a Sermon on Mat. Chap 7th. & 2i vers. gave 1s. Charity to a poor man [there is a cross-shaped mark above the 'n'; possibly WB wrote 'h' by mistake and crossed the ascender out sw] that had received losses in Cattle.
5th.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh & very cold, haveing snowed a great deal sometime before day, so that all LLanelian & Paris Mountains were covered with snow by this morning, The Garn ynghornŵy likewis had some snow upon it; The Mountains in the Isle of Man looked as white as ever they were seen in Winter, so were all Carnarvanshire Mountains: about 2 in the Evening it made a great shower of Feather'd Snow that lasted about an hour, after whîch it cleared up and grew fair, & warmer for some time, but very cold again before night; some Said there was frost on the Water – this morning, which I did not see; but last saturday morning the water was froze in the spout of the Watering Pot so hard that the Gardener was forced to bring it to the fire before it would run.
6th.  The Wind N.W. dark & cloudy generally all day, & extream cold, it made a good deal of rain sometime this morning before day, but made none afterwards, my people at the work still plowing the Pinfold at Coydan, & others fenceing between the Corn & the Grass.

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