May the 7th.  The Wind N.W. in the Morning very cold, & a great hoar frost, and the Water frozen over in some places, the Wind changed in the Evening to W.S.W.and was much– warmer;
8th.  The Wind W. & by S. something dark & cloudy, but very calm and warm all day;
9th.  The Wind N.W. sharp and cold enough out of the Sun all the morning, and untill 4 in the Evening,from that time out& all night very calm and warm.
10th.  The Wind N.W. in the morning, Sun Shiny & fair & moderately calm, about noon it made a little rain, but some soon over; when the Wind came to S.W. & grew dark & cloudy, but made no rain – afterwards, pd. 6d. for Garden Seeds.
iith.  The Wind W. dark & cloudy and very warm & pleasant, but excessive dry, the face of the Earth looks frightfull both in respect of Corn & grass. The wind came to S. about 5 and continued there all night, but made no rain.
12th.  The Wind S.S.W. dark & cloudy till 8, then cleared up & the Sun shined– warm and calm all day; about 7 in the Evening it begun to rain a still warm rain, & continued so more or less till I went to bed about 10, but wt. it did afterwards I know not; Paid my Sisters, Catherine Bulkeley & Mrs. Edwards 35 pounds one years Interest to the 18th. of September last for 700L. I owe them by Mortgage .
13th.  The Wind W & by N. raining a small rain more or less all the morning but not so warm as last, made no rain in the Evening, but overcast with clouds & cold. my people these 4 days last past are employed in carrying Oats from Cnewchdernog & Coydan & others of them attend the drying of it to make Pilcorn.


 ●2 [this is written vertically below '14th.' sw] 

The Wind E. blowing fresh and something cold, dark & cloudy in the morning; but cleared up again about noon,& the Evening was sun-shiny; and made no rain afterwards; it is generall complaint every where of the want of grass and water.

15th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing high and very cold & scorching, the Change being past, there is but poor hopes now of having any rain; the Lord of his mercy send us some in time.
May 16th.  The Wind E. & by N. blowing high and very cold all day; it dryes and scorches more this day than it did in any– week this 12 month. My people are at the Mill a Shelling of small Oats, there is a matter of 5 or 6 attending that work to day, and 3 or more every day since it was put on the Kiln . pd. 3d for a Lobster at LLanfechell Markett. pd. 3d. for Arsenick for the Mice at Coydan Barn.
17th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing very high, cold and scorching, so that it burns up both grass and whatever else comes out of ye ground. To Day my Brother Lewis called here, and desired me to come along with him to meet Mr. John Griffith of Carreg Lŵyd at Wylfa where he was to direct his conduct in regard to the Mill way in dispute by what Wm. Hughes of Wylfa would swear, & being come upon the place in dispute, Mr. Griffith accordingly mett with Mr. Hughes of Plâs Côch, Mr. Rowlands of Caera, & Mr. Hugh Owen of Sybylltir, where they agreed to go to Wm. Hughes's house, and there Mr. Griffith proposed to Wm. Hughes whether he would on Oath deny that he told him that there was no way to Cafnan Mill thro Cafnan ground; Wm. Hughes very willingly took an Oath and upon that declared that he knew nothing of the Road, and that he did not remember ever to have told him any Such thing. upon which Mr. Griffith despairing to do any good in the matter, as relying entirely on Wm. Hughes's knowledge, whom he presumed had hitherto concealed what he knew, but that on his Oath he would discover the truth, Mr. Griffith I say perceiving that, was satisfyed as to the Road; and haveing walked from thence on the Road to the Mill & back again to the high way by Groes fawr, they agreed to be at equall expence in Setting up a hanging Gate, and to repair that between them from time to time as long as itlasted. But when that was gone, Mr. Griffith was to be at the expence of all other Gates (if he would have any there)for all Succeding times. thus ended this matter, the Gentlemen went to their – Severall homes, & I came home much fatigued.
18th.  The Wind N.E blowing high & cold, and scorching everything as before,& continued so all day. The Parson preached the remainder of the Sermon begun this day fortnight.

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