Janr. 7th.  The Wind S. very calm, but a dirty mizling rain all day long.
8th.  The Wind S.W.  a fair dry sun-shiny day, was out a walking, the Earth extream wet, & every place full of Water.
9th.  The Wind S.S.W. cold & dry, but very cloudy, was this day at L[h sw]oydiarth, consulting Mr. L[h sw]oyd about Row. Wynn's letter, dined there, gave 1s. 6d in the house, & returned home, where I found Mr. Thomas Lewis the Drover & Mr.Wm. Vickers the Postmaster of H–head, sat up with them till 11. at Night
10th.  The Wind S.S.W. a dirty Mizling rain all the Morning, could not sell the 3 hogs to Mr. Thomas Lewis, sold Mr. Vickers 20 Peggets of Oats for 7s a Pegget, gave him 2s to pay for 6 pound more of Soap
11th.  The Wind W.S.W. dry and very cold, which I wish it may continue so for 3 or months, being now prodigious wet, to day we had certain advice that Richard Williams of Tŷ Newydd in LLanflewyn was last Tuesday married to a Daughter of Lewis Hughes of LLanvaelog with little or no Fortune I am afraid, pd 3d for ale, & gave Owen Williams the Glazier 2s Christmas Box.this Story afterwards proved to be false. [this is added in a darker shade of ink sw]
12th  The Wind S.E. very cold & drying very fast, agreed with – Rowland Prichard, Richard L[u sw]ke & John Prichard to work the Hedge of Cae Gorsedd Rŷs (which is to be 2 yards & a half at the Bottom with a double ditch each to be 4 foot & half broad & a yard deep ) for 9d. a Rood. William Mathew who holds the field to be at half the expence, gave them 6d. earnest which is not to be accounted for, pd 3d for ale. planted at Cae Tŷ'n y llŵyn 11 Elm Trees I bought in Dublin. rained again to night
13th.  The Wind S. blowing very high, about 3 in the Afternoon it begun to rain & rained excessive hard till far in the Night, I have never remember to see it so wet, every place being under water  

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