Janr. 13th. ∣∣ Apple Trees ∣ [this is written in the margin, opposite this entry sw]  

To day I planted in the Wall Garden twelve apple trees designed for dwarfs graffed on Parradise Stocks that I bought in Dublin for 1s. a tree. they stand in the Garden in the following Order.(Viz) The aforesaid Trees being planted on each side the Middle walk the 2 next the west on the South side of the Walk are the Bellesine Apple. the 2 next them on the South side or  – border are the Muscovy Apple. [there is a '/' (solidus) here in another pen, or pencil sw] the 2 next the East in the same border are the Golden Russet. the 2 next the East in the North side or border of the walk are the French Rennet, the 2 next them in the same border are the Golden Rennet, the 2 next the West in the North border are the Non Parreil.  

14th.  The Wind S. cold & cloudy and intollerably wet & dirty. haveing made some rain in the morning the rest of ye Day fair
15th.  The Wind S.W. fair & dry all day, made some frost last night. these 5 Days last past David Owen Lewis the Cooper of Cemlyn has been here, cutting, dressing, & Sorting of Hoops in Bundles –
16th.  The Wind W. cold & raw, but dry above head, which is a great rarity, a pretty good Market at LLanfechell, some Turnip still.

17th.   4 ❍  [this is written in the margin immediately below '17th.' sw]  

The Wind S.W. fair & dry all this day, planted this day in the Round in the Wall Garden a parcell of the largest spanish Nuts that ever I saw. which I had of Mr. Benjamin Parry at Dublin.

18th.  The Wind S. dark cloudy and raining all ye Morning as it did most part of the Day, the Parson preached on Rom: Chap. 13th. & the latter part of the 13th. vers. rained very hard most part of this night.
19th.  The Wind S.W dark & cloudy all day but made no rain yet very cold wet & raw weather. pd 6d for Wild Fowl –
20th.  The Wind. S. very Still dark, cold & cloudy, nothing else remarkable gave 6d for [Fowles sw]; & pd the Cooper [? sw]s pd 6d for Work. [? sw] a great deal of wet dirty Snow

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