October 2ist.  The Wind N. W. very calm, Sun Shiny - fair and very warm till 3 in the Evening; the rest of the day was cloudy and cold, but continued dry: My people all this week at the same work as before, carrying home Sand upon Cae ffrwd y wrach in Bodelwyn : pd. 3d. for thread· 
22d.  The Wind N. very calm, Sun shiny, fair and warm mostpart of the day: The Priest preached on Numb: Chap: 23d. & the last part of the 10th. verse.
23d.  1❍ [this is written vertically in the margin below '23d.' sw] The Wind S. W. calm, cloudy & overcast & the Air sharp & cold; but continued dry all day: my people are now employed,some in carrying Ashes upon the fallow field behind Ferem house others in spreading the Sand at Bodelwyn, & 2 more that are digging up of Gorse for Winter fireing.
24th.  The Wind  E. very calm, Sun shiny fair and warm all day– pd. John Owen Edward 20 shillings for 4 Gallons of Butter, and pd. Hugh Humphrey of Pen Carreg iL. 4s. for 3 measures of Wheat to sow.
25th.  The Wind E. very calm, cloudy and dark weather all day- but made no rain, pd. 2d. for fish ·
26th.  The Wind E. very calm, dark cloudy weather, and continued so all day, yet made no rain.
27th.  The Wind S. & by E. very calm, cloudy & dark weather all day_ but pretty cold, yet made no rain: Paid Rhys Bentir for Butcher's meat I had of him to day & before 4s. 2d. & pd 6d.for Fish·
28th.  The Wind S.E. with a moderate gale, Sun shiny fair and warm - all day: My people all this week were mucking the field behind– Ferem house upon the fallow in order to sow wheat therein; & the Farm labourers with stocking up Gorse for Winter fireing·
29th.  The Wind S. & very moderate, dark, cloudy & overcast with some rain in the morning about 7 ; made more afterwards about 9, but the rest of the day was dry: had to day effectuall C —— [n sw] two times ·
30th.  The Wind W. very moderate, but the air keen & sharp,dry all day & generally Sun shiny .
3ist.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh cloudy & dark all day, but made no rain: These two days my people are gathering fern & carrying it home for drying Mault·

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