November ist.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing high, cloudy & dark all day; about 3 in the Evening it begun to rain & made a great deal of rain from that time to night which brought the Wind to N. W. & dryed well all the night : pd. Shadrach ifan 6d. for killing a Cow, & pd. 6d. for tape for Anne Wright·
2d.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing very moderate & the Air keen& sharp and drying well, sun shiny fair & clear all day; gave i0s. 6d. to a Collection of Protestant Missionaries employed in the West Indies in converting Pagans: pd. John Jones of Bwlch i4s. 8d. for Butter at the rate of 5s. a Gallon·
3d.  The Wind N. E. pretty calm, Sun Shiny, fair & dry all day: pd. to Marged uch Huw Morus iid. for a quarter of Mutton: To Day I finished sowing 3 measures of Wheat in the field behind ferem house, haveing first steep'd it, half at a time in a very strong pickle that onely covered the Corn & 2 inches above it, in which — water I melted 40 pound weight of white Salt, so that an Egg swam on the top half dry, to which I likewise added one pound and a half of All[a sw]m, in this pickle the Wheat stood 24 hours & one half of it that was sowed in the South side of the field was strew'd over with lime to dry it & make it separate for Sowing the other half was strew'd over with sifted Ashes & sowed in the North side of the field to the place where the other had ended.
4th.  The Wind S. W. blowing very high and cold, cloudy & dark all day yet made no rain: Paid Hugh Prys ’ s Bill for shoes for my Self Anna Wright & Hugh ’ Bwilliam Gabriel being iL. 9s.
5th.  The Wind came to W. this morning upon a very great rain it made about 6 a clock, was very calm, & made severall showers of heavy rain afterwards dureing this day: The Priest preached on i.Cor. Chap: iith. 23d. 24th. 25th. verses. An Excellent Sermon to defend Popery & Transubstantiation, & word for word with the Sermon preached in the year 1749 which see in Page 98 at Novr. 5th.
6th.  2● [this is written vertically in the margin below '6th.' sw] The W.& by N. very calm, sun shiny, fair & dry all day; A very full Fair to day at LLanfechell of Cattle of all sorts, no great num– ber bought, but what were bought were of a high price: Pd. the Carrier – 6s. 2/1 for carrying my hops & Sugars from Chester, & Pd. 2s. for 480 fathom of Sedge Ropes.
7th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, generally Sun Shiny & fair, but made very great rain some time this morning before day; but the rest of the day was dry– pd. 6d. for three Partridges & 6d. to Wm. Wms. for Taylor's work .

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