August 21st.  The Wind S. a fresh gale, and dark cloudy— weather all day, made a small shower about i in the Evening, but soon over; my people still at the same work, 
22d.  The Wind S. raining very hard about 2 in the Morning, tollerably dry till 10 when it begun to rain again,and continued to rain more or less till night hardly without intermission; Agreed with John Prys Humphry of LLanelian for all the Fern Ashes the himself hath, & what he can pro[cu sw]re for 11s. a pegget gave him 10s. 6d. in part of payment.

23d.    6● [this is written in the margin below '23d.' sw] 

The Wind S. dark & cloudy in the Morning, & made a sharp shower about 6 . after which the wind ris and blew very high all the rest of the day, some of my people are clearing and carrying of rubbish and rotten straw from the Barn of Coydan & about it into the middle of the field there; others are reaping Pease, not full ripe ,but for horse meat in the Winter .

24th. The Wind S.S.W blowing high, & the sky dark & cloudy generally all day, my people at the same work in the morning, and in the Evening binding of Barley at Coydan; pd. 3s. for a Carcase of Wether Goat to Shadrach the Butcher.
25th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing a storm all day, haveing rained hard last night, for all that it dryed pretty well by the Evening to bind Corn, which my people were at, and reaping in the Morning.
26th.  The Wind S. something dark & cloudy, but dry all day. The Parson preached on Tit: Chap 2d. & 11th. & 12th. verses.
27th.  The Wind S. raining very hard about 4 in the Morning, & a Mizling rain afterwards till 6, continued fair for about an hour, & rained very hard again till past i in the Evening; fair afterwards till night; gave 1s. to a farmer from Shropshire that had his House, Cow-house &c. bur<n>t last winter.
28th.  The Wind W.S.W. blowing fresh & drying very well, tho it rained in the Morning, it proved a very good day in the Corn; my people all this day are reaping .
29th.  The Wind S. in the Morning & raining hard long before day till i in ye Evening then ye Wind changed to E. & N.E. & so settled in N.W. ye rest of ye day fair, my servts. were dischargeing 6 T[u sw]ns of Coal from onboard Hugh LLoyd's Boat. Paid Hugh Lloyd 3L. 15s. for the Coal & Carriage. my Servts. turning ye Wet Corn in the Evening .

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