August 30th.  The Wind W.N.W. blowing high and cold, and drying fast. my people turning the Corn, & binding till 3 in ye Evening afterwards reaping till night. 
31st.  The Wind S. in the morning & blowing high: I begun to day to carry Coydan Barley to the Barn there, about 12 it made 2 great showers of rain which put a stop to that work for two hours, but the wind comeing to the W. very high, it soon dryed, & I carryed by Night 300 shocks of Barley & 40 of Rye. I had 7 people binding corn till the Rain, and reaping Barley at Brynclyni afterwards.
Septr. 1st.  The Wind S. raining a small mizling rain more or less almost all the morning, fair afterwards till 5 in ye Evening when it made a prodigious shower of rain & hail, the rest of the day fair. my people all this day are reaping Barley at Brynclynni, rained a great shower of hail again on the fall of night.
2d.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh & cold all day,& drying well, the Parson thought fit this day to put <up> his prayers for fair weather, this being the first time; tho we have had dirty, rainy weather most part of the summer & harvest .
3d.  The Wind W. calm, fair & Sun–shiny all the Morning, till Noon when the Wind came to S. grew dark & began <to rain> about 4 & continued so till far in the night. my people in the Morning reaping of Barley at [Fer sw]em till 8 a clock, then they bound Barley from that time till it rained; from that time till night they – reaped Barley at Bodelwyn.
4th.  The Wind S.W. with a mizling rain in the morning, cleared up afterwards, & made a fine day, but did not dry much; my people 14 in Number were reaping pease till 8, they reaped Barley afterwards till night.
5th.  The Wind S. S. E. calm & fair with a prodigious dew upon the ground as wet as if it had rained, my people in the Morning 10 in number finished reaping all my Barley, they afterwards reaped Oats till the dew ris . when they went to bind Barley, but it soon put a stop so that when they had bound about 3 acres; it making great rain & afterwards in the night it rained excessive hard.


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