October 29th.  The Wind N. & blowing moderate but very cold; about 3 this morning it made a very great shower of hail, yet all the day was fair & dry & generally Sun Shiny ·
30th.  The Wind E. in the morning & exceeding cold, haveing freezed – hard last night & a hoar frost; about i in the Evening it make a very great shower of Sleet that brought the wind about to S. where it continued blowing fresh all the rest of the day: rained again very hard from half an hour after 7 at night till near ii.
3ist.  The Wind S. and raining very hard this morning till near 8; the rest of the day was dry & generally Sun shiny & warm weath -er: it rained so hard last night & this morning that severall Mills did grind Corn to day that had not turned for near a month before.
November ist.  The Wind E. in the morning, came afterwards to N. about noon all this day was dry and generally Sun Shiny, but cold, & little Wind pd. 2d. for fish ·
2d. ❍ [this is written in the margin below '2d.' sw) The Wind N. blowing very moderate, and not cold; Sun shiny & clear fair weather all day: The Fair at LLanerchmedd to day proved but poor, few Cattle bring sold,and those for - small rates; pd.2/1 for Tobacco.
3d.  The Wind early in the morning was S . as it was last night, came about 7 to W. N.W. where it continued all day : made very heavy rain from i in the morning till almost day.
4th.  The Wind S. in the morning, calm, fair & pleasant with a Sun - shine; before noon it came to E. blew fresh and very cold, & the rest of the day was cloudy & dark: The Priest preached on Rom : Chap: 14th. vers: i0th.
5th.  The Wind N. blowing very high & stormy & cloudy dark weather all day, & yet it brought down neither snow nor rain: This Day I enter the 60th. year of my Age; And may the Mercifull God of my Salvation give me Grace to serve him uprightly, & to do that which may conduce most to his Glory and mine & my fellow creatures's— Salvation , which are of the human kind .
6th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh & very cold, cloudy & dark weather all day - but it made no rain till night, but it rained long & prodigious hard this morning before day.
7th.  The Wind E. and moderate, generally Sun Shiny till noon, afterwards forye most part cloudy and dark : pd. 6d. for bread, and 2d. for mending my Shooes ·

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