November 19th.  The Wind N. and raining sleet heavily for an hour together about 4 in the morning, the day afterwards was generally dry and very cold : Paid Ellin uch Richard's bill for my Mother being 2 pounds 6 shillings 7 pence.
20th.  The Wind N. blowing high, freezing, and extream cold, with frequent showers of hail & some feathered snow, & ye Night was very stormy .
2ist.  The Wind N. blowing very high & freezing all day, attended with frequent showers of hail; and the night very cold·
22d.  The Wind E. N.E · calm, fair & pleasant, and generally Sun- shiny, and not cold: pd. 6d. for bread.
23d.  The Wind E. & by N. very calm, yet the Air was very cold and raw; cloudy & dark with a foggy moist air all day: pd. 6d.for Turnips & 18d. for a Side of Mutton .
24th.  The Wind N.E. calm, cloudy, dark and hazy weather all day, and very cold & raw withal; the night was a little milder & a little moonshine[. sw]
25th.  The Wind N. E. very calm, and generally Sun shiny & fair all day
26th.  The Wind N. W. in the morning , very calm, sunshiny fair & warm, about ii it came to S. W. blew fresh with a moist, hazy air& very cold; about 4 it began to rain, & rained a good deal in the night: pd. 6d. for Irish bread.
27th.  The Wind W. and blowing moderate, dry all day, but generally dark and cloudy: my people these days are fenceing the hedge in Bod- – elwyn where I had cut the Ash poles & old haw thorns, and raising fresh earth about the roots of them.
28th.  The Wind S. W, calm, sun shiny, fair and warm in ye morning it blew fresh in the Evening and night, and was very cold, & made a great deal of rain in the night.
29th.  The Wind S·W. blowing fresh,and very cold all day, but made no rain, the night was fair & very light.
30th.  The Wind S. W. blowing very high & stormy, & raining a cold sleet & sometimes hail from 3 in the morning till 9 without any intermission .
December ist.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, and very cold, raw weather, but dry : My people all this week were plowing, but yesterday some of them were carrying – timber to thestableat Cnewchdernog.

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