May 27th.  The Wind E. very moderate, Sun shiny, fair and dry, yet cold for the season: finished plowing ye pinfold at Coydan & shearing the Sheep to day: pd. Thomas the driver– i4s. 6d. And to Hugh the driver 12s. beîng the remainder of their Winter's wages: pd. also to Sidney Morris 56 shillings being her whole year's wages to the 15th. Instant·
28th.  The Wind N. blowing very moderate,Sunshiny, fair & warm all the day: My people finish'd cutting Peat for Winter fireing. this day·
29th.  The Wind S. blowing pretty fresh and generally cloudy & overcast, yet made no rain all day: Pd. Rhŷs Bentir 16d. for a Side of poor Veal and the head: paid i2s. 9d. i8 yards of Cloath for makeing Sand bags.
30th.  The Wind S. W. and blowing pretty fresh, cloudy dark weather all day, and raining very hard about i in the morning and also about ii. but the rest of the day was dry, but cloudy and dark and windy . pd. 2d. for sewing thread for the Sand bags.
3ist.  The Wind S. blowing fresh all day, especially in the Evening, dark & overcast, and attempted severall times in the Evening to rain, but made very little: Pd. il. 7s. for a Boat load of Red Wharf Sand.
June ist.  1● [this is written vertically in the margin below 'June ist.' sw]The Wind S. blowing very fresh, Sun shiny & clear sky all day,but very cold for the time of the year, from 10 in the morning till near night, the Wind blew very high and cold: My people are dischargeing two Sand Vessells this day.
2d.  The Wind S. blowing very fresh or rather high, & cold, but sun shiny most part of the day; made some little rain once or twice, butsoon over, and blew very hard all the Evening.
3d.  The Wind S. blowing high and very cold all day, with some intervalls of Sun Shine, but generally cloudy & overcast : pd. 4s. for a pound weight of Bohea Tea.
4th.  The Wind N.W. in the morning, blowing high &stormy and heavy rain from 4 in the morning till 8. the rest of the day was dry, but cloudy & dark for the most part.
5th.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing fresh in the morning,cloudy & dark; the Evening was calmer & warmer with some Sun shine; Paid Robert Hughes the Master of a Sloop from Conway 3L. 3s. for 3 ship loads of Red Wharf Sand containing Six of the long hundreds and 3 quarters of a hundred: Paid Rhŷs Bentir i8d. for a Side of Lamb, and Pd. Margerett uch Hugh Morris is. 9d. for a poor Side - of Veal.

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