May 5th.  The Wind E. blowing high and very scorching and not so much as any dew this morning, the Evening milder, and over cast, and about 9 it begun to make a little rain, and rained very hard in the night sometime before day.
6th.  The Wind E. very calm and warm, with frequent showers of fine rain, especially in the Evening; To Day my servants begin to fallow my Pinfold at Coydan the first time. The corn Market at LLannerchmedd to day had fallen 8s. in a Pegget of what it was in the Markets before.
7th.  The Wind E. calm, warm and pleasant, tho dark & cloudy – with some rain in the Morning, but plenty of warm, soft – showers in the Evening . pd. 2d.for Ale.
8th.  The Wind variable from S. in ye Morning, to N.E. in ye Evening, Sun shiny, fair and pleasant & very warm all day; The Corn was fallen at LLanfechell Market In a higher degree than at LLannerchmedd; Barley sold here today for 8s.a measure that was sold here this day seaven for 10s. 8d. a measure.
9th.  The Wind E. sun-shiny and clear in the Morning; the Evening overcast and cloudy, with some little rain, growing fine weather.
10th.  The Wind E. blowing very high, cold and scorching; and continued so all day, and did not make any dew last night; The Parson preached on Mat: Chap: 5th. verses 23, & 24th.
iith.  The Wind E. N.E. blowing fresh, and exceeding cold. all day, and tho dark & cloudy, yet made no rain afterwards.
12th.  The Wind N.N.E. blowing high & exceeding cold, about it made some little rain, but that was soon over, continued — cold and dry afterwards all the rest of the day.
13th.  The Wind N. Fair warm and pleasant in the Morning; but ye Evening excessive cold and scorching.

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