April 26th.  The Wind E. & by N. calm, fair & pleasant, and a great dew this morning; the Evening blowing sharp & cold —— the parson preached on 1.Thess: Chap 5th. vers. 7th. & part of the 8th.
27th.  The Wind E. blowing high, cold & scorching all day; To Day I finished sowing Barley. The Corn, hay & grass fields look very poor & scorched, and if rain doth not soon come, God alone knows the Consequence.
28th.  The Wind N.E. blowing high, cold & scorching all day. The obsequious, corrupt and pensioned Parliament that gave the King whatever supplies of money he asked towards the carrying on the War with Spain ( tho nothing has yet been done after 2 years are passed since war was proclaimed ) and who have constantly supported the Wicked minister in all his pernicious measures was this day Dissolved .
29th.   The Wind N.W. very cold, dry & scorching al day; The Market at LLanerchymedd the same as it has been this month passed. Wheat being above 3L. a pegget, Rye from 40. to 43s. & Barley from 35. to 40s. a pegget.
30th.  The Wind N. blowing very cold, dry & very scorching my people these days are fencing betwixt the corn and the grass to prevent trespasses.
May ist.  The Wind W.& by N. dark & cloudy generally all day, & very like rain, yet made none; a full Market to day at LLanfechell.
2d.  The Wind W. dark & cloudy & very calm all day, & also moderately warm, and tho it made no rain, yet there was a very great Dew this morning, pd. 6d. to Thomas Wms. ye Taylor of Dymchwa for mending my Cloaths .
3d.  The Wind S.W. moderately calm, sun shiny and warm, but excessive dry - the Evening very fair and warm.


1.● [this is written vertically below '4th.' sw]

The Wind E.N.E. in the Morning, cold and sharp Air; and very scorching till 2 in the Evening when the sky was over– -cast and brought down a small shower of rain of a short continuance, after which the rest of the day was calm and very warm.

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