January 2ist.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and very cold, cloudy and overcast & very like snowy weather, yet it – brought down neither snow nor rain all this day.
22d.  The Wind N.E. blowing pretty fresh and cold, haveing made some little frost this last night, but was generally Sun shiny and fair all day: To Day I sowed my first pease & beans– this year: pd. the Taylor 2s. 6d. for working & pd. 3d.2/1 for thread.
23d.  The Wind N. calm Sun shiny, fair and pleasant till 4 in the Evening when it grew cloudy & overcast; the frost was – pretty hard this morning, but all thawed before noon: This Day I planted by way of Espaliers in the wall Garden 10 - Cherry Trees (black & Red Heart ) which my BrotherLewis sent me & which he had from Littleton the Gardiner of Chester.
24th.  The Wind N. & by W. calm cloudy & dark generally all day, with a mizling rain frequently in the morning; the Evening was dry but cloudy and overcast.

St. Paul's day [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw]  25th.  The Wind W.N. calm, but dark weather with a mizling rain almost all day, about night the wind came to N. & blew fresh & very cold & freezed before morning: A very small ^Fair^ at LLanerchmedd & very few people in it: pd. 6d. for bread.

26th.  The Wind W. blowing pretty fresh & very cold, frequent showers ofSleet & feathered Snow in the morning, but melted as soon as it fell, which soon thawed the frost, but about 8 at night it snowed in Earnest & before 9 the Earth was thick covered with it .
27th.  The Wind N. W blowing fresh & very cold, the Snow which fell last night being freezed, more was added to it this day by frequent showers of snow and hail .
28th.  The Wind N. N. W. blowing fresh, and haveing made some frost last night, the Snow continues still unthawed, & some more fell this day;
29th.  The Wind N. moderately calm, with frequent showers of driveing snow, yet most of it thawed before night.
30th.   9❍ [this is written vertically in the margin under '30th.' sw] The Wind S. E. and blowing fresh and very cold, haveing freezed very hard last night. which it did all this day, tho it was generally Sun shiny & fair, and a great deal of Snow fell this night, insomuch that the ground was covered very thick with it [. sw] 
3ist.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and very cold and freezing all day and all night, tho it was generally cloudy dark weather.

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