February ist.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and very cold, freezing all the day, but was Sun Shiny most part of the day.
2d.  The Wind E. & by N. blowing moderate, but very cold and freezing continually day and night, and all or most part of the snow continues on the ground except Some little the Sun melted.
3d.  The Wind E. & by N. calm, Sun Shiny and fair, but very cold continuing still to freeze, and some more snow fell last night: I gave five pounds to a young man my distant relation, Owen Hughes the Son of the late Mr. Bulkeley Hughes Parson of Edern, who dying in very poor Circumstances this lad was left to the wide World, till my Brother Lewis of LLysdulas took him into his house, sent him to School, wherehe was kept till now, that he is sending him to Cambridge.
4th.  The Wind E.&byN. very calm, but cold and freezing all the while, yet Sun Shiny, fair and pleasant.
5th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh, very cold, haveing freezed harder last night than at any time this year, and continued freezing all day & all night paid a Scotch Pedlar 4s. 6d. for 3 pair of stockins for Anna Wright,pd. likewise 2s. 6d. for two Cotton night Caps. & paid a Toy man [Nesta Evans gives 'Toyman' sw] iid. for a pair of Steel shoo Buckles & a pair of steel knee Buckles.
6th.  The Wind E. blowing moderate but very cold and freezing all the while, but this day was cloudy and overcast from Sun to Sun; & tho it thawed a little dureing the day, it freezed this night as hard or harder than any night this year . pd. i5 pence for a fore quarter of Mutton.
7th.  The Wind E. very moderate, & generally Sun Shiny all day,but very cold & freezing, and a hoar frost this morning as thick as a — midling Snow, as it was these 3 last mornings: the greatest business people have now is to look after their Cattle , and to break the Ice every day to procure them water, which was never known to be done before but in the years 1739 & 1740 ,  & some people indeed remember the frost in the year 1683 .
8th.  The Wind S. E. blowing pretty fresh and very cold,and tho it was scarce perceptible whether it freezed or thawed, yet it seemed to be rather the latter : paid 2s. 6d. for a side of Mutton.
9th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh and cold and raining all the morning the Evening was dry, but dark & windy, & all the Snow was melted by – night: My people all this week employed in digging stones, carrying them, & erecting a stone wall in some places & faceing with stones in other places pieces of Cae ’r ychen hedge in bryn y Chwarel, where it was weak & no depth of Soil to make the hedge.
10th.  The Wind S. blowing high &cold, made Some rain in the Evening & very great rain in the night. The Priest preached on Deut: Chap 6th. & 6th. & 7th. verses.

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