September 28th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate; generally dry till 3 in the Evening when it made severall small showers from that time till night. To Day I got in the last of my Corn.
29th.  The Wind S. calm,dark & cloudy with some mizling rain for the most part of the day.
30th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and drying well, & generally Sun- shiny all this day: paid 1s. 6d. for a quarter of small Mutton.
October ist  The Wind E.& by S. blowing very moderate, Sun shiny generally all the day, and drying well; onely was a little cloudy for 2 or 3 Hours in the Evening, but made no rain.
2d.  The Wind E. blowing very moderate, Sun shiny, fair & very warm all day: LLanerchymedd Fair kept this day (which answers ye 2ist. of Sepr. Old Style ) proved very good for great rates, especially for young Cattle, & Cows of all Sorts, Yearling Cattle being Sold from 4 pound to 5 pounds 15s. & some for 6 pound a pair, & Cows from 3 to 5 pound a piece. Pd. to day in Servants wages 1L. 16s.
3d.  The Wind E. very calm, cloudy and overcast, cold & raw weather all day yet made no rain : My people employed these days in thatching the Corn·
4th.  The Wind E. & by S. very calm, cloudy & overcast all day, yet made no rain
5th.  The Wind E. & by S. very calm, cloudy, dark weather all day, yet it - continued dry: Paid Abraham Jones ’ s Shop Bill being 13s. 4d2/1,
6th.  The Wind S.E. calm & something clear, with some sun shine, but made some rain this morning before day; and severall small driveing showers afterwards, but of no long continuance ·
7th.  12● [this is written vertically in the margin below '7th.' sw] The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy and overcast & makeing frequent showers of driving rain in the morning ; but from 6 in the Evening till 7 at night, it made very heavy rain: Sent by Gabriel Jones to Mrs. Whitfield Grocer at Chester 4 Guineas to pay for Hops & Sugar she was desired to send me. Pd. Ann Griffith 10s. 6d. of her Sumer's [there is a wavy line over the 'm' sw] wages
8th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, cloudy & dark all day;yet continued dry; The Priest preached on Acts Chap: 20th, & the last part of the 36 verse ·
9th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh and raining excessive hard from 2 in ye Morning till near 8, and afterwards very hard for most part of the day: Pd. Thomas the Driver 12s. of his Sumer's [there is a line over the 'm' sw] wages ·

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