September 20th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark with frequent showers of mizling rain morning & Evening; yet abundance of people in these parts made corn into stacks tho I believe not rightly Judged: Yesterday Cousin Wm. Parry of Dublin Son of my Old friend & Cousin Wm. Parry (who being brought up to the buisness of a Jeweller in Dublin came here in his way to London where he Said he was going to improve & perfect himself in his buisness ) he I say went from hence and for the love I bore his Father I gave him five pounds – ten shillings to enable him to support himself while he may be looking out for buisness.
2ist.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark all day, dry in ye morning and till noon when it began to rain, & rained a mizling rain from that time all the rest of the day & some part of the night: finished To Day makeing a stack of Barley by the time it begun to rain Pd. 22d for a small quarter of Mutton weighing onely 9 pound & half.
22d  The Wind W. & by N. blowing very high & stormy with a mizling rain till near 9; the rest of the day was dry, blowing high, & ye Night light and pleasant: Pd. Margarett uch Huw Morus i5d. for a quarter of Mutton exactly of the same weight with that I bought at LLanerchmedd 2 days before for 22d.
23d. ❍1 [this is written vertically in the margin below '23d.' sw] The Wind S. S. W. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark with a dirty rain and what is called a wett Scotch mist all day; but not so in the morning before day, but from 3 in the morning till 6 it made great and very heavy rains.
24th.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing pretty fresh, cloudy & dark weather — attended with a mizling rain all the morning till ii, but from that time till 4 in the Evening it rained excessive heavy: The Priest preached on Acts: Chap: 22d. & the last part of the 21st. verse
25th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, cloudy, dark & hazy weather but continued dry all day: was to day at LLanerchymedd to Join My Brother Lewis & Brother Robert Lewis in signing the Land and Light tax Bills,where it cost me 2s.
26th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh, drying well & generally Sun shiny all day: Joined the Same persons to day at LLanfechell to Sign the Land & Light tax Bills or Talybolion, and we did yesterday those for Twrkelyn, [the comma is underneath the 'n' sw] pd. is. [1/- sw] for Ale - 
27th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh, & generally Sun shiny & drying well; My people to day are carrying in the Rye and the Oats at Coydan (for I have no Barley there this year ) into the Barn.

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