January 24th.  The Wind S.W. blowing high & stormy all day, accompanyed with a driveing rain all the morning and untill 3 in the Evening; all the rest of the day & night — was dry, but it blew harder: my people all this week are makeing a pinfold at Coydan. work done in the Garden is  — pruneing of Trees, dressing and nailing wall Trees, planting Vine Cuttings to take root, planting out Cabbage stocks—

25th.    Paul's Day. [this is written in the margin below '25th.' sw] 

The Wind W. blowing very high all day and all night: & generally Sun- -shiny and very clear; about 3 in the Evening it grew dark & made a small shower of hail, but soon cleared up.

26th.  The Wind W. blowing very high & cold till 10 in the Morning, and some showers of sleet, the rest of the day calm & warm, but very cloudy & dark; pd. Betty Parry 8d. for Soleing 2 pair of Stockings.
27th. The Wind E. & by N. blowing high & cold all day, but very fa[ir sw] [the end of the word is in the binding sw] and Sun-shiny . a very sad prospect of a famine amongst — Cattle ( without the Assisting hand of Providence interpose ) far the greatest part of the straw in this part of the Countrey being already gone to their use, and there not being the fourth part of the Hay this year as used to be.
28th.  The Wind E. blowing very high & excessive cold, especially in the Evening; and some little frost this Morning upon the Water; bought of a Toy-man who was a Dutch Jew 2 Setts of Sleeve buttons, for 4d. one set of Chrystall Studs - set in bath mettle for 3d. three Watch Keys rivetted and gilt for 1s. a pair of Steel Buckles for 9d. & aScissars for 15d.
29th.  The Wind E. very calm & raining all the Morning, the Evening dry, but dark, cloudy, cold & raw, & get very calm.
30th.  The Wind E. & by S. very calm & warm, but generally dark and cloudy most part of the day. a very poor Market to day at Llanfechell.
31st.  The Wind S.S.E. very calm & warm all day , but not very clear; my people at the same work thîs week as the last·

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