January 17th.  The Wind came to S. W. long before day, very calm & warm, & thawing gently all day. Paid Humphrey Mostyn's Bill for My last Coal & freight 4L. 5s. 3d. being in quantity 6 tuns & three quarters; pd. him likewise 9s. 6d. for a hundred of Salt.
18th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing fresh, and raining smartl -ly without intermission from 3 in the morning till 10, then an intermission for an hour, when it rained very hard again about 12, & all the Evening was a —– wet, foggy and misty Air; the Parson preached on Mat ch.5th. vers. 44th.
19th.  The Wind S.S.W. raining excessive hard in ye Morning before day & untill 8 a clock, from that time till near night,smoaky, & hazy weather, but after the fall of night it rained prodigious hard for severall hours.

20th. ❍5 [this is written in the margin below '20th.' sw]  

The Wind W.S.W. very calm, close weather with a moist foggy Air all day; in the Evening it made severall – showers of small driveing rain; gave to Rhŷs Gray my old Harper 2s. 6d. being the Father of 4 poor children

21st.  The Wind W. blowing a small gale, the Air thick, moist and cloudy; my little Grand-Daughter Nancy Wright went from [????? sw] home with her Nurse to Maenaddwyn to day, gave Jane Owen her Nurse 10s. for her care of the poor Child
22d.  The Wind S.W. and raining excessive hard from 3 in the morning till 8; which in that time overflowed all ye low grounds: the rest of the day dry, but dark hazy weather. 
23d.  The Wind came to W. about 5 in the morning, when it blew a great Tempest till 8. & it contained blowing high ye rest of the day. A poor flesh Market too day at LLanfechell.

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