an aversion to Marriage, tho if what is publickly reported of the Eldest Sister being contracted with John Bulkeley of 

August 27 [this is in the margin, opposite this line sw]

Bwchanan, if not actually marryed should prove true, her Lady. ship scheme would be quite spoiled. their Same John Bulkeley in 1715 wore my Livery; the year following he kept a little school at LLanfechell which was worth him perhaps 40s a year, from then[ce sw] [the end of the word is in the binding sw] he went to Coytmor where he lived in Service a year or 2 longer – from whence he went to Barnhill, at first an understrapper, but being a forward, impudent fellow and a great party man which was the most valuable recomendation in a Servant to that grand Tyrant & Jacobite this Lord's Father, he in a short time made him his Gentleman this Lord's Brother upon Mr. Edmund's decease;(who was both prime minister & chief manager ) made him his Steward, where he has so well improved himself that in 12 year's time he is said to <have made> make a fortune of 1600 pound at the Same time that his Lords debts increased that Sum [there is a line over the 'm, sw] or more every year. his Interest with that family was so great, yt he not onely procured himself a long Lease upon Porthamel for little more than half rent, but got them to lay out 300L. at least in building him a fine house there, at the Same time that they are sinking under a load of Debt.

28th.  The Wind variable from E. in the morning to N. & N.W. in ye Evening rained a dirty mizling rain all the morning & untill 1 in ye Evening, fair & dry afterwards . my people 15 in number all this day are reaping barley .
29th.  The Wind W.S.W. Sun-shiny dry & fair with a good gale of wind all day, my people 9 in number are reaping barley, abundance of loss in Corn this year ( especially Barley) occasioned by its not sprouting at the same time, occasiond by the excessive dry weather in April & May – most of my Barley has some unripe corn in it, when [? ???? sw] are full ripe, so that I am forced to delay as long as I can to s[t sw]ay for it.
30th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh; I attempted to make some corn to day, and carryed <corn> till 9 a clock when it begun to rain, when I left off, covering what I had made with clean, dry straw, some of my neighbours con -tinued to carry thro the rain which lasted without intermission till far in ye night, if not all night . paid 1s. for half Hundred Herrings. 

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