August 21st.  The Wind S.S.E, and very calm, and raining excessive hard about 3 in the morning, about 6 it begun to rain again,& continued so till near 2 in the Evening when my people were forced to leave off reaping, & be employed in thatching the Hay, the <rest of> Evening was dry & fair.
22d.  The Wind N. E. blowing fresh & sun-shiny all day, my people are reaping the Rye at Coydan, & Binding Barley in the Evening at Rhôs Carrog – Paid William Roberts the Sadler of LLanerchmedd 4L. 4s. for a Sadle Sadle_Cloath & two good Brid[l sw]es (one being a Curb) for my self, a Strong Portmantua Sadle, main Pilion & another Bridle for a Servant.
23d.  The Wind E.& by N. dark & cloudy & calm, but dry all day, my people are binding Barley in the morning at Rhos Garrog, in ye Evening they were reaping the Oats at Cae'r LLoriau. 
24th. The Wind E.N.E. in the Morning, settled at W. in the Evening, begun to rain about 2 in the morning, & rained excessive hard without any intermission till past i in the Evening. when it was fair & dry the rest of the day, pd. 3d. for Ale after Evening Prayer .
25th.   ¦12. [this is in the margin below '25th.' sw]  The Wind W. & by S. blowing a moderate Gale, sun-shiny and fair till ii when it made a small shower; fair, clear and dry – afterward. my people all this day are reaping of Oats ( tho not very ripe ) haveing nothing else to do, the Barley being very backward in ripening .
26th.  The Wind S.E . with a moderate Gale, it begun to rain about 2 in the morning, rained hard about 5 & then left off till about noon when it rained excessive hard till near 3 in the Evening, my few labourers & my own servants reaped between the showers, & thatched ye hay when raining
27th.  The Wind unsettled from W. to N.W. & N. very calm & Sultry in the morning, a little breeze about 10 & Sun-shiny & cloudy by turns, I have some few people reaping to day. my Corn not being full ripe to employ a great number this week last past, but cutting that onely that is full ripe tho most of my neighbours cut it altogether ripe & unripe in the same field. Paid Robert ab Huw Prŷs 1s. for soaling & heel tapping my shooes. This Day Ld. Bulkeley's 2d Sister was marryed to Bertie a clergyman her first – Cousin, a match probably concerted by the Mother to fix ye Estate in her own family in case [ye sw] her Son dyes without Issue, the Lord's Eldest Sister always pretending an –

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