December14th.  The Wind W. blowing fresh & cold, and generally Sun Shiny, but dry all day: My Servants Still at the same work of plowing fresh sand ground at Cae ’r ’Sgubor in Coydan, & plowing the steep b[ank sw] by the Barn across the Ridges; my labourers also at the Same work of Ditching and planting quick &forest Trees at Cae'r Defaid in Bodelwyn.
i5th.  The Wind W. blowing fresh & cold, cloudy & dark all day, but made no rain: No Sermon to day, tho there was onedue.
i6th.  The Wind S. very calm & not cold, cloudy and dark all day, & yet it continued dry .
i7th.  The Wind S. E. very calm & warm, & raining long before day and untill almost night with very little intermission, but was not heavy rain: gave to Hugh Owen Sion Owen’s wife of Cemaes who is the Mother of 6 Children, & her Mother who is very Old & bed rid which she likewise keeps, I gave her I say 3s. 8d. out of the 6s. 8d. ordered by the late Mr. Richard Gwyn of Rhydgroes to be distributed yearly among the poor of Llanbadrick parish.
i8th.  The Wind S.E. very calm & warm for the time of year,and generally Sun Shiny, but dry all day.
i9th.  The Wind W. blowing fresh, cloudy, dark weather, but [day sw] ^wet & dirty most^ of ^the^ day, gave Elizabeth uch Robert Davydd is. [1/- sw] of Llanbadrick Charity money
20th.  The Wind S.E. blowing fresh, but not cold, and dry all day: gave Ann Sion Rolant another shilling of Llanbadrick money: To Day I finished the New hedge in Cae'r Defaid in Bodelwyn & part of Cae Erw'r Trosol; the New Banks alone which have a ditch of a yard broad ^&^ 30 inches deep, are above 600 yards in measure, where in are planted above 4000 quicksets, most of them haw thorn, with crab, Holly, hip, black thorn, Yew ^hazel^ & plumb suckers, there's beside above 200 yards in Erw ’r Trosol planted in a regular order on the from a quarter to an inch Diameter [this insert is squeezed in between two lines, and refers to the previous list of plantings I think sw]verge of the bank with standard plants of haw thorn, black thorn Crab, Plumb, Holly, & Holly, & Yew, besides 125 ^some of which Number are [m sw]ore^ Ash, i8 Elms & 1 Service planted on the verge of the bank at proper distances, besides 2 standard – Laurells of about 5 foot high .
2ist.  8❍ [this is written vertically below and to the left of '2ist.' sw] The Wind W. S. W. blowing fresh & raining all the morning:the Evening clear, fair and dry : My Servants did very little good this week on yefarm besides shooing the horses & carrying home Some Gorse.

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