30th.  The Wind NW in the Morning, & cold dry weather, came to WSW in the Evening, & blew fresh, yet made no rain, c[o sw]rr[y sw]d Gors about the young trees in the Meadow & about the Fir trees in Cae'r Gegin –
31st.   ∣5 ❍∣  [this is written vertically in the margin between '31st. and 'Novr. 1st.' sw]    The Wind S W & blowing fresh, made very great rain about 3 this Morning, begun to carry the stones from ye Quarry at home to make ye Wall of Brynnie Duon, Begun also to plow for wheat this day – rained very hard in the Evening–
Novr. 1st.  The Wind NW. a cloudy dull day in the Morning, y[? sw] [? sw] [t sw]he Even-ing clear & sunshiny, a great Market for flesh to day at LLanvachell lent M.B. 10s. to buy silk &c. pd. Hugh Wm. Pugh 16s. 8d for 4 gallons of Butter
2d.  The Wind S.W. a Fair, clear, sun shiny, dry & very warm day abundance of Cattle went to Llanerchmedd Fair, which proved very poor; buying little or nothing there –
3d.  The Wind S. A Dark cloudy morning with some rain, about 8 it rained hard & continued <so> till far in the Night with very little intermission — No Sermon to Day –
4th.  The Wind S W. Dull, cloudy & raw weather & something cold, yet dry; till sun sett when it begun to rain, & rained till 9 or 10 in the night.
5th.  The Wind S.SW. still, dark weather, but dry all this day– to day I enter upon the 44th. year of my age, may I never fail of God's Grace & protection to finish it –

6th. setting [this is written in the margin, immediately below '6th.' sw]

The Wind still SW. calm, close & cloudy weather, & dry as — yet. John Thomas of Olgre isaf took Bodneva for 7 years at the rate of 24l a year, to be allowed 6l ye first year for Sand, & so to put upon it the year he parts 500 loads of Sand – begun to blow fresh on the fall of Night -

7th.  The Wind S.W. it begun to rain severall hours before day, & rained without ceasing till i. in the Evening, when it continued raw and Moist the rest of the Evening - the Wind came to the North before day, and brought down a great hoar frost, & freeze a little besides, Pd Michael Edwards's wife 6d for a pound of ∎∎∎ candles–

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