Novr 8th.  The Wind N.E. very still & cold, abundance of hoar frost this Morning & some frost, a great Market to day at Llanfechell, bough a Quarter of Mutton for 11d. to day Gwen the [? sw] Dairy Maid came home
9th.  The Wind N.E. very Cold & still, the hoar frost as thick as midling snow, & freezed pretty hard besides. blew hard from the East about Noon & very Cold, was at LLysdulas to day, all the Family very Cold, did not stay above an hour, Mr. Wm – Meyrick <the Officer> was there , he likewise sympathized with the rest, went to Bodneva to see the repairs to be got for the new Tenant.
10th.  The Wind E. in the Morning & very cold, some hoar frost, and freezed more than the night before, the Wind at S. by Noon, & a thaw & warm. the Parson preached on Psalm. i9th. vers 13th. a poor insipid discourse, suited to the knavish principle of the Order. very cold & freezing by Night, the Wind at SE.
11th.  The Wind E.SE. a very very great hoar frost, and a greater frost than the night before & very cold in the Morning  – all the rest of the day still [& sw] clear the Wind about noon at S.S.E. very cold & freezing before night –
12th.  The Wind still at S.E. calm, & very cold, having freezed hard last night, & a great hoar frost, my people still carrying stone to Brynnie Duon, & some working  of the Wall, my self employed this day, & yesterday in pruning the trees growing on each side the high way from Brynnie Duon to LLanfechell.
13th.  The Wind still S.E. cold & raw, no hoar frost this — morning, but very cloudy all day & a gentle thaw — some of my servant still carrying stone, the rest plowing & harrowing for Rye at Cadlas Newydd, my Self employed in pruning the Trees in ye Potatoe garden at Brynnie Duon – R. Prichard came home to day

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