Sepr. 4th. Mr. Lewis Trysclwyn, Mr. Robert Lewis, & the old Pharisee Row. Wms. where I accountd with them for 850L. remaining in my hands, and paid them all their Demand, and had a receipt for it, with a – promise of a generall release when Mr. Lloyd of of LLoydiarth comes home the Circuit, before we had finished, it was past i a clock in the Morning – here Mr. Lewis of LLysdulas did me a great piece of Service, in bringing over the Old Pharisee Row– Wms. over to remit the Interest ( all the rest of the Sharers haveing generously done it before ) which the Old Rogue would not do till Mr. Lewis had made an affidavit of his severall [times sw] promiseing to do so. which made him at last yield to it. pd. in my Lodging for my Man's meat & drink, & our horses 9s. and so cleared the house.
5th.  The Wind W . S.W. blowing fresh & cold, pd. for my horses that night, & my Man's drink. 1s. gave the Hostler 6d. set out from Town at 7 in the Morning and came to LLysdulas at 11 . where I dined, gave the Butler 1s. & came home about 5. haveing a pain and swelling in my face from a Tooth - ach, which begun this 2 days, and much worse by rideing in the Wind.
6th.  The Wind S.E. in the Morning, but settled in the S. dark cloudy and rain ing most part of the Morning, my face very stiff all this day, tho I rested very well last night, being mightily tired
7th.  The Wind S.W. very Stormy & tempestuous, with some rain, & continued so all day & most of the Night.

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