Septr. 8th. 3❍ [this is written in the margin, immediately below ' Septr. 8th.' and the page number sw)The Wind W. fair and dry but blowing fresh in the Morning the Evening fair & pleasant.   
9th. The Wind W blowing fresh and very cold, a Totall Eccips of the Moon this Morning at 3 a clock, to day my people begun to carry Sand after the harvest, I have at cnewchdernog a plowing the Pinfold the second time, about 7 in the Evening it made a great shower of rain—
10th.  The Wind W very cold but dry sun shiny & pleasant weather, & continued so all day, a poor Markett to - day at LLanfechell.
11th.  The Wind N.W. mighty cold, yet dry & wholsome weather, dark & cloudy all day, about 5 in the Even - ing it made a small shower
12th.  The Wind W.N.W dry, fair and clear, and moderately warm, the Parson preached. on Ps. 37 & vers. 37. the Doctrine all together Priestly, as makeing the Marks of an Upright man to consist chiefly in the belief of Orall & traditionall Religion, and not in Morall Vertue [Nesta Evans has 'Virtue' sw] and Honesty inprinted in every Man's Conscience, and a Duty that' known to him by the reason that god gave him, which if he neglects he offends God knowingly, his own reason wittnessing against him.
13th.  The Wind S.SW. high and Noisy with frequent showers of Small Rain, the Evening fair & dry—
14th.  The Wind N W. dark & cloudy in the Morning, the rest of the Day fair & Clear, Newborough Fair proved very bad. very little sold, & those for a small rate, the cattle that were worth last year 10L a pair, were sold '❚❚  

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